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On Wednesday, November 23, IACA held a webinar in cooperation with Guillaume Lepecq and CashEssentials which was open to all of the industry called: The Role of Cash in the Future Monetary Landscape.

Participants learned of a new way to consider the future and the future of cash using the Futures Literacy Lab methodology.

Futures Literacy Laboratories are an advanced, field-tested methodology for exploring key questions and gaining new insights into the nature and impact of imagined futures.

During this IACA webinar, the panel discussed how futures literacy provides a tool to improve our perception of possible, plausible and desirable futures for cash.  Key take-aways were shared and discussed.

It was such a fascinating discussion!! The webinar can be viewed now on our website under the Resources/videos Menu on our website.

The panel participants were as follows:

  • Martin Calnan, UNESCO Chair for Futures Literacy
  • Antti Heinonen, President of the Banknote Ethics Initiative; former Director of Banknotes at the ECB
  • Guillaume Lepecq, Chair of CashEssentials
  • Richard Wall, Chair of IACA; former Head of Currency at the Bank of Canada

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