WEBINAR/ FOCUS SERIES: Cash Visibility & Collaboration

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IACA continues to address the challenges facing Cash Infrastructure. Through IACA’s various Members’ Discussion Meetings and Round-table Discussions the past year, it is clear, that Cash Visibility throughout the Cash Eco-system is a continued challenge for many central banks and their cash supply chain. Further, it was agreed in the discussions, that Cash Visibility requires COLLABORATION throughout the Cash Eco-system and if Cash Visibility is addressed and advanced, it could bring significant positive impact, both to the efficiency and resiliency of cash—helping to ensure its continued use and viability. So, what is stopping us from advancing Cash Visibility and Collaboration?

IACA has planned a 3-part program to “FOCUS” on Cash Visibility & Collaboration.  The program will include the following:

1) An IACA Member Survey on a few key aspects regarding this topic of Cash Visibility & Collaboration.  (Gathering information FROM our members, FOR our members on this topic —Keep a look out for the email with the few survey questions and PLEASE plan to participate.) 2) A Webinar Hosted by: Glory on Wednesday, March 6, 1:00pm CET REGISTER HERE   Glory, Ltd., an IACA member who specializes in cash handling, is hosting this informative webinar to address the key issues on this Topic including:                

– Loss of Visibility for Central Banks                

– Data Access Opportunities                

– Getting around the obstacles                

– Visibility benefits                

– Getting the most out of current infrastructureWe will have a Central Bank, a Commercial Bank, and a Cash-in-Transit company (panelists details to be announced soon!) who will share their own stories and experiences with Cash Visibility, while addressing these key issues above. REGISTER NOW for this webinar and look forward to hearing the rich discussion on this important topic of opportunity for a more robust cash infrastructure.

Leading the discussion, from Glory, will be:

Toshikazu Nagasaki: Toshikazu has over 30 years of experience within the cash solutions industry across the world having worked for Glory on projects in the USA, South America across Africa the Middle East, and Europe in this time. He has worked with Glory’s direct sales and solutions business as well as supporting the extensive channel partner network in Glory with the introduction of new solutions and development of businesses.  During this time, he has also worked on central bank relationships and more recently has been part of Glory’s Cash 4.0 team developing new business solutions.

Saito Mayo:  Saito joined Glory in 2014 and has been responsible for the deployment of Glory’s WAVE solutions – the flagship branch cash recycling and automation solution for Japanese financial institutions.  Since 2018 she joined Glory’s Cash 4.0 team as Project Head to develop new business internationally and is currently managing several projects, covering areas such as payment terminals, wider cash cycle improvement as well as unattended retail concepts.

3) Members’ Regional Round-Table Discussions on Wednesday, March 20. (Keep an eye out for the email to sign up)                  

a) Americas/Europe/Africa – 9am Central Time/4pm CET                  

b) Asia -10am Singapore Time

Plan to join in on these discussions as we consider the ideas and information shared via our Survey and the webinar. What are the key factors we, as an industry, should be focusing on? What efforts and actions are needed from the various stakeholders? Come ready to contribute and come away with new ideas, perspectives and hopefully solutions to begin actioning.