IACA Excellence in Currency Awards Nominations 2018

We are delighted to announce the upcoming dates for the nominations for the next round of IACA’s Excellence in Currency Awards, to be presented in conjunction with the 2019 Currency Conference, in Dubai, UAE.   For our 14th round of recognition of outstanding projects, IACA will present awards in five categories:

Best New Banknote or Banknote Series

Best New Commemorative or Limited Circulation Banknote

Best Banknote Public Education Program, Website, or App

Best Banknote Processing Innovation

Best Coin Innovation

Projects of any issuer of banknotes or coins, organisation or individual supplying products, services or systems for production, distribution, or processing of banknotes or coins are eligible for nomination in accordance with the guidelines for the appropriate categories. Self-nomination by such organisations is encouraged!  Submit a nomination to acknowledge your team’s important accomplishments.

The Guidelines for IACA’s Excellence in Currency Awards can be found at www.currencyaffairs.org/awards/.  This document offers transparency and guidance about IACA’s processes for nomination, identification of finalists, and delegate voting.  The details and requirements for the 2019 program may be found in the Guidelines.

Nominations in all categories for award in Dubai are limited to the two-year period from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018 (the eligibility period.)

Nominations must be made via a link on IACA’s website (www.currencyaffairs.org) now through December 31st, 2018.   We welcome your participation!