IACA will present the 16th round of its Excellence in Currency 2019 Awards in three categories during The Banknote Conference in Washington, DC, May 11-14, 2020:

• Best new currency feature or product
• Best new currency innovation
• Best new environment sustainability project

IACA is excited to announce that we will present the category of best new environment sustainability project for the first time this year. Given the heightened global attention to environmental issues and the climate crisis, IACA wishes to draw attention to significant initiatives in our currency community that contribute to sustainability. The new award category will highlight the accomplishments of organizations that have in the recent past implemented projects related to banknote or coin production, services, or distribution that demonstrate:

• improved environmental stewardship,
• innovative best practices,
• pollution prevention, or
• resource conservation.

Through this award, IACA looks to share with the currency community the details of sustainability projects that demonstrate an organization’s commitment to make, use, or re-use materials in ways that move from waste to sustainable resource management; that conserve or manage energy, water, or other resources more efficiently; or that reduce harm to the environment in other ways.

Projects of any issuer of banknotes, central bank or ministry of finance, organisation or individual supplying products, services or systems for banknote production, distribution, processing or management are eligible for nomination in the appropriate categories. Projects related to coins may be nominated for the environmental sustainability award. Self-nomination is allowable and indeed, encouraged.

IACA’s Guidelines for IACA’s Excellence in Currency Awards can be found under the currency awards tab. Nominations that reflect the Guidelines will have the best chance of success.

Nominations in all categories for award in May 2020 must have been launched between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2019. Nominations may be made through our awards app between January 13th and February 9th, 2020.