IACA Excellence in Currency Awards for Coins

To be Presented October 2022 in Amsterdam


We are delighted to announce that IACA will present the 16th round of its Excellence in Currency: 2022 Coin Awards in three special categories at the Coin Conference in Amsterdam (October 17-19, 2022):

  • Best New Commemorative or Test Circulating Coin Issued at Face Value
  • Best New Coin Product, Feature, or Distribution Innovation
  • Best New Environmental Sustainability Project for Coins

Projects of any issuer of coins, central bank or ministry of finance, mint, organisation or individual supplying products, services or systems for coin production, distribution, processing or management are eligible for nomination in the appropriate categories. Self-nomination by such organisations is allowable and encouraged.

IACA’s Guidelines for IACA’s Excellence in Currency Awards and the Coin Award Criteria can be found https://currencyaffairs.org/wp-content/uploads/IACA-Award-Guidelines-and-Criteria-final-2022-Coin-Awards.pdf

We developed this document to provide transparency and offer guidance on our criteria. Nominations that reflect the criteria and follow the guidelines will have the best chance of success.

Nominations in all categories for award in Amsterdam are limited to the eligibility period from January 1, 2020, through May 31, 2022. All projects must have been issued or completed during this time period.

IACA will accept nominations from June 8 through August 5. Nominations must be submitted though IACA’s awards site: https://currencyaffairs.awardsplatform.com/

Thank you to our Judging Committee Members:

Maarten Brouwer, Business Consultant; formerly CEO of Royal Dutch Mint and Sec. Gen. of MDC

Jon Cameron, Consultant, Cameron Associates LLC; formerly with the US Mint, BEP, and Federal Reserve

Brian Lang, VP IACA and former Head of Currency, RBNZ

Astrid Mitchell, Chief Executive, Reconnaissance International

Richard Wall, Chairman of IACA; former MD of Currency, Bank of Canada

Lydia Yip, Advisor to Central Banks; former Head of Currency, HKMA

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The International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) was formed in 2004 as a non-profit organization to provide a forum for knowledge-sharing and collaboration on matters of interest to all stakeholders in currency production and distribution cycle. The Association encourages excellence, security and efficiency of banknotes and coins by supporting the stakeholder organizations (including central banks, issuing authorities, high security printers, currency industry suppliers, financial institutions and cash distribution organizations) through its various programs and benefits. We currently represent 65+ organizations and 290+ individual members.

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IACA MEMBER DELEGATES are invited to view our recent and informative webinar on Sustainability in our Industry.

Sustainability—Taking Action Together

HOSTED BY:  CCL Secure (Platinum IACA Member)
Held: Thursday, July 7, 2022


The currency industry is quickly becoming more and more environmentally aware and organizations are implementing major changes in the way they do business to reduce negative impacts to the environment. Thanks to international standards and proven solutions, our industry is “Taking Action Together” to make a difference.  In this webinar, CCL Secure will share their extensive knowledge on environmental sustainability.  They will also share the details of their own efforts as a global company to become carbon neutral in 2030 by creating a “circular economy”, and how they are supporting central banks in achieving their own sustainability goals. Further, CCL Secure has invited Sphera, a leading sustainability consulting company, who has worked with many central banks in performing their Life Cycle Assessments (LCA).  LCA’s consider an organization’s operational cradle to grave impact on the environment.  Sphera will explain their process of evaluation and share some case studies from the central banks they have worked with.  You will certainly leave this webinar, more informed and ready to get to work on sustainability in your own organization.

CCL Secure Presenter: Lachlan McDonald, Technical Services Manager
Sphera Presenter: Christoph Koffler, PhD, Technical Director

NOT AN IACA MEMBER?  Please contact Sybil Baxter sbaxter@currencyaffairs.org for more information to participate in this webinar.

Watch the 2022 Awards Presentation at the Banknote/Currency Conference

Currency Awards 2022 Winners

IACA Awards Presentation Proceedings


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