IACA Excellence in Currency 2022 Awards


The International Association of Currency Affairs is delighted to announce the Finalists for the 16th round of its Excellence in Currency Awards to be presented in 2022.  The Finalists were selected from among 39 nominated projects that represented important initiatives by teams at 20 central banks, 3 commercial banknote issuers, 9 suppliers to the banknote industry and 1 banknote distribution system organization.

The IACA Awards Review Committee for this round of IACA Awards included special guest judges Mazen Hamdan (International Mint and Print), J. Dario Negueruela Martinez (ex Banco de España), and Lydia Yip (ex Hong Kong Monetary Authority), together with David Tidmarsh (Reconnaissance International), and for IACA, Richard Wall, Brian Lang, Eugenie Foster, and Tom Ferguson.  Next, IACA delegates will vote to select the winners, which will be announced on February 22, 2022 in conjunction with The Banknote and Currency Conference in Washington, DC.

Best new banknote or series

Banco Central de Costa Rica and CCL Secure: Series B 2000 Colones, 5000 Colones, and 20,000 Colones Banknotes

Central Bank of Azerbaijan and G+D/Louisenthal: 50 Manat Banknote

Banco de México: 1000 Pesos Series G Banknote

Qatar Central Bank and De la Rue: 5th Series of Banknotes

Best new commemorative or limited circulation banknote

Bank of Namibia and CCL Secure: $N 30 Banknote

Banco de México and CCL Secure: 20 Pesos Commemorative G series, National Independence Bicentennial Banknote

Bank of Guatemala and G+D/Louisenthal: 20 Quetzales Commemorative Banknote

Bank Indonesia: 75 Years Independence 75.000 Rupiah Banknote

Monetary Authority of Singapore: Bicentennial $20 Commemorative Banknote

Best new coin or series

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas:  20-Piso New Generation Currency Coin

Banco de México: 20 Pesos Commemorative Coins (Veracruz and others)

National Bank of Kazakhstan: 200 Tenge Coin

Best new currency innovations

Central Bank of Honduras and G+D/Louisenthal: 200 Lempira Registered Security Thread

Vaultex UK: Green Path Campaign



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If you missed the 2021 Special Award presentation you can view it by watching the video below.
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