About IACA

The International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA), formed in 2004, is a non-profit independent member organization to promote and encourage excellence in the cash cycle and provide a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration on matters of strategic importance.

IACA is the only organization in the cash community that brings together central banks along with the industry and cash service suppliers providing a neutral forum and working together to help influence industry direction—making currency and the industry the best it can be.

Our Members Represent the Cash Payments Cycle

Your membership helps support our efforts to help bring continued strength, resiliency and relevancy to the Currency Industry.

But your individual organization will benefit as well.

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Members Benefit from our Programs, Information Resources and Projects

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IACA brings the topics that are top of mind to our webinar format, allowing all member delegates to participate and be educated and informed without the cost of travel to international conferences.  All webinars are recorded and can be found in our E-Library for viewing anytime—anywhere.

In -person Member Discussion Meetings

Join this unique and intimate gathering of IACA member delegates, typically held alongside International Conferences where many of our members are attending. IACA selects the most relevant and timely topics of our Industry to discuss, debate and consider as members share their experiences and perspectives with each other. Members leave the meeting more informed of international trends while having met new industry colleagues.  Our members have always most appreciated these in-person gatherings.

Excellence in Currency Awards

The long-running, well-respected and honored  IACA Currency Awards program was designed to promote and recognize the excellence in the industry. Sponsored by Currency News and run by IACA, the awards are open to any organization or individual supplying products, systems or services and anyone can make a nomination for a category.  Finalists are voted on by IACA member delegates, and award winners are announced at various industry conferences.

Currency Hall of Fame

IACA established the Currency Hall of Fame in 2011 to honour distinguished contributors to the currency industry. The Hall of Fame provides a permanent public record and memorial via our website of the outstanding achievements of very select individuals who have made a significant impact in the Currency Industry.

Information Resources


Our members have access to an extensive and searchable archive of industry documents, papers, reports and presentations. There is no other comprehensive compilation of information available like the library that IACA continues to pull together for our members.

On-line Members Discussion Forum

Experience the membership community here. Members can share articles, ideas, ask questions and enjoy great on-line discussion on topics that are of interest at the moment.  Organized in a blog format, communication is easy and past discussions can even be accessed.

Conference Calendar

IACA provides its members with a listing of upcoming Industry Conferences and Seminars and the conference links for easy access to information.

IACA members receive registration DISCOUNTS for various Industry Conferences.


IACA identifies the most pressing key topics of common interest for the industry and facilitates information gathering, discussion and collaboration in order to benefit the members and help move the industry forward.  Past major projects include:

Global Payment Study Project

In 2008, IACA’s Board recognized that the cash community needs reliable data about consumer payments as a basis for understanding trends in cash use.  IACA undertook a Global Payment Study Project (GPSP) that focused on all types of consumer retail payments, not just cash, as the trends across payment types help to inform an understanding of how cash payments may evolve.  The project helped to develop robust, reliable international data about payments.

Industry Guidelines

In effort to support industry best practices and principles, IACA developed a variety of guidelines which can be found in the E-Library.   These documents are drafted with input from IACA members include:  Guidelines on Banknote ProductionGuidelines for Tendering, and Guidelines for Agent and Distributor Conduct.

Join our distinguished group and enjoy the benefits of membership.

Membership Structure and Annual Fees:                                              

Individual MembershipSilver MembershipGold MembershipPlatinum Membership
Financial/Cash Services

3 voting delegates

5 voting delegates

10 voting delegates

Supplier Institution

6 voting delegates

10 voting delegates

15 voting delegates

Individual1 voting delegate

Membership Categories:

  • Financial/Cash Services: Central Banks, Monetary Authorities, non-Competitive State Banknote Printers and Mints, and Commercial Banks, Volume Currency Handlers, Cash Service Providers (including cash transportation and processing).
  • Supplier Institution: Currency Producers (including competitive State Banknote Printers / Private Printers, Commercial Mints, Substrate providers, Ink/Feature providers), Banknote Equipment Manufacturers, other Suppliers to the Industry, Interested 3rd parties where appropriate.
  • Individual: A person who qualifies for membership but is not working for industry organization.

While membership entitles your organization to the number of voting delegates relative to your membership category—ALL REPRESENTATIVES from the Member organization will be welcome to access the members-only section of the website (to access E-Library, Member Forum) and join member Meetings and events.