Mark your Calendar: Upcoming IACA Programs

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IACA has many ways its members can participate in its programs–bringing you education, networking, discussion and ways to support excellence in our Industry. Mark your calendars and check back here regularly for updates to this Program.

Monday, May 13, at the Banknote Conference in Ft. Worth Texas

  • 11:00am – In -Person Members Discussion Meeting (Seeing a Future for Cash Visibility & Collaboration)
  • 12:30 – 1:45 – IACA’s 20th Anniversary Members Luncheon. Come celebrate with us!!!

Tuesday, May 14, during the last session at the Banknote Conference in Ft. Worth Texas – IACA will present our Technical Award Finalists AND our Chairman Richard Wall will be leading a PANEL DISCUSSION on Cash Visibility & Collaboration: Key Solutions to Today’s Challenges. Panelists:

  • Pearl Kgalegi, Head of Currency Management for SARB and IACA Board Member
  • Steve Son, SVP and Head of FedCash Business Solutions & Support;  Federal Reserve Financial Services
  • Ben Thorpe, President- APAC, Glory and IACA Board Member

Wednesday, May 15 at 7:00pm at the Awards Dinner at the Banknote Conference in Ft. Worth Texas – IACA will present the WINNERS of our Excellence In Currency: Technical Awards

Week of June 17-21: IACA (Richard and Marci) will be helping Moderate the Round Table Discussions at Koenig & Bauer’s Equinox Central Bank Discovery Days.  This is a 2-day event for Central Banks during the week of June 17-21 in Lausanne, Switzerland.  See the link to the BROCHURE .  Day 1 is hosted by Koenig & Bauer—Day 2 is the IACA moderated round-table discussions on developing more sustainable and equitable cash ecosystems and management models.   We hope you will consider registering and joining the rich discussions with IACA and others from the international currency community.  IACA will obtain the recordings and transcriptions of these insightful discussions which will be shared afterward with our Membership.

Have you missed any of our previous Webinars or Discussion Meetings as seen below? If so, go view webinars now on our website under “Resources” page (you must be logged in to access some of these) and view our Members Discussion Meeting notes in our E-Library under IACA Documents> Member Discussion Meeting Notes.

Webinar: Cash Visibility & Collaboration hosted by Glory on March 6, 2024.

Members Round-table Discussion: Cash Cycle Resiliency: Share Your Stories— It was a great time to talk together around a virtual table on this important topic. Held Wednesday, December 6. See the notes in the E-Library.

Members Discussion Meeting: Cash Infrastructure under Pressure:  How should the Currency Industry Adapt? Held November 28 alongside ICCOS Americas November 28, 2023. See Notes in the E-Library.

Webinar: Environmental Sustainability in Tendering: Working Together as an Industry (Open to everyone in the Industry and the recording is available to everyone– November 2023)

Webinar: Cash Cycle Resilience in times of Crisis (Hosted by G+D – September 2023 – viewable to members only )

Webinar: Best Practice for Level 3 Feature Selection and Use (Hosted by Authentix – March 2023- viewable to members only )

Webinar: An Update on CBDC Developments (Hosted by Currency Research – January 2023- viewable to members only)

If you have any questions, please contact Sybil Baxter, Member Services at