New Additions to the E-Library

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We have added some new and interesting papers and conference presentations to the New E-Library. Be sure to check them out.

Go to Resources>New E-Library on our website to view/download the following: (You must be logged in to view/download)

  1. From the National Bank of KazakhstanMedium-Term Prospects of Using Cash: Results of Sociological Research.    A very interesting look at payments in Kazakhstan. (under Central Bank Reports in the E-Library)
  2. A Guide to Re-purposing Unfit Shredded Paper Banknote, by Reconnaissance Int’l- This paper seeks to explain the options that central banks have for disposing of banknotes well, following a hierarchy of disposal options.  (under Reconnaissance International Reports in the E-Library)
  3. Cash & Payment Sustainability Forum Conference Presentations (thank you to the organizer: Reconnaissance Int’l) – Held November 14-16, 2022 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (under Conference Presentations in E-library)
  4. Coin Conference Presentations- (thank you to the organizers: Reconnaissance Int’l + Currency Research) Held in October 2022 in Amsterdam. (under Conference Presentations in E-library)

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