Cash Cycle Resilience in a Time of Crisis: Wednesday, September 27, 10am Central European Time (CET)

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Today’s cash cycles are organized for efficiency and security. But in the face of economic shocks, natural disasters, political conflicts and the effects of climate change, cash cycle players must also strive for a resilient and sustainable cash cycle. They need to secure an adequate cash accessibility and its supply during crises and peak demands to ensure the stabilizing role of cash for societies.

Automation, digitalization and standardization are the most important drivers for a balance of cost-efficiency and agility, which keep cash attractive to both consumers and merchants. But what are the levers to transform to more resilience? Which stakeholders play a crucial role for a more resilient cash cycle and how does their mandate look like?

G+D shares in this webinar:
• how more cash visibility creates resilience,
• what a strong and “breathing” technological cash infrastructure looks like, and
• how more collaboration ensures a sufficient cash cycle in both normal times and in times of crisis meeting even unforeseen challenges.

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Date: Wednesday, September 27 at 10:00am Central European Time (CET)

Hosted by G+D


  • Robert Rose serves as Sen. Portfolio Manager, Currency Technology at G+D, where he defines and steers the hardware, software and services portfolio and the product strategies. He drives overarching topics like digitalization and resilience, and he brings over 15 years of experience in creating and launching customer-centric innovative products and solutions closely related to the market developments.
  • Christian Hernaut is leading Business Management for G+D’s Currency Technology’s Business Line for High Speed Solutions. For more than a decade Christian is supporting cash center customers in change processes with strong focus on future-prove solutions including aspects of efficiency, automation and digitalization.
  • Hermann Gessler is Head of Global Consulting and Technical Sales and leads a team of consultants for automation and value added solutions in cash operations. He comes with a wide experience in product management, consulting and pricing at G+D and drove customers to more efficiency in cash processing, from mid-sized to large scale fully automated cash centers.
  • Richard Wall, IACA Chairman and Q&A Moderator
  • Marci Chavez, IACA Executive Director providing Welcome presentation

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