Watch our latest IACA Webinar: Environmental Sustainability in Tendering

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What an educational webinar we held November 1!!!

The Panelists were Excellent giving everyone a short presentation of their experience and thoughts on the topic and we had enlightening discussion following all the presentations.

If you missed this webinar–watch our recording via our Resources Page here on the website. IACA welcomed ALL industry stakeholders to take part in this webinar so this webinar can be viewed by members AND non-members.


When it comes to the environment, central bank issue departments have direct control of three elements of the cash cycle, and considerable influence over others: 1) What it buys, 2) the rules and regulations controlling cash issue, usage and return, and 3) how unfit banknotes are disposed of at the end of their lives. This webinar focuses on the first of these—What it Buys.

Just by including sustainability questions in a tender, a central bank concentrates the mind of suppliers on the subject. But can a central bank do more than ‘nudge’ suppliers to do better? Can it drive change? This webinar brings together two central banks, the Bank of England and the Dutch National Bank, and, two suppliers, De La Rue and Orell Fuessli, to address these questions and more.

The challenge is to make sure that a central bank’s supplier has a low environmental impact, and is working to reduce it further, and to do this fairly, efficiently and credibly.

-Where price is the ultimate arbiter of who is awarded the business, where does sustainability sit in the buying process? Should it sit in the buying process?

-How does a supplier get payback for the investment of money, time and resources in being a good environmental citizen?

-While central banks such as the Bank of England and Dutch National Bank have resources to devote to this topic, how should central banks with fewer resources and less experience approach this topic?

Don’t miss this informative discussion—likely the first of many—which can help progress our industry to be GREENER.


Andrew Baker, Bank of England

Annemieke de Gooijer, Dutch National Bank

Jan Mark Geusebroek, Dutch National Bank

Nikki Strickland, De La Rue

Karim Shoukry, Orell Fuessli

John Winchcombe, Reconnaissance Int’l, MODERATOR

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