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VIVID White is a remarkable security feature that forms part of the GUARDIAN™ range of specialised security inks. It is designed to provide visually striking, difficult to replicate, and highly durable protection. The ink contains hidden elements that can only be revealed when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This unique attribute makes it incredibly easy for retailers and commercial banks to authenticate banknotes, ensuring quick and efficient transaction processing.

VIVID White is a fluorescent ink that remains invisible when applied onto the opacified substrate. However, when a UV light source is applied to the surface of the banknote, VIVID White transforms into a mesmerising and vibrant fluorescent bright white colour. This dramatic visual effect becomes immediately noticeable, providing a reliable means of detecting counterfeit banknotes.

Overall, VIVID White stands as a cutting-edge security feature that blends striking visual appeal, near impossible replication, and exceptional durability. Its ability to reveal hidden elements under UV light enhances the authentication process for retailers and commercial banks, safeguarding against the use of counterfeit banknotes in the market. With its advanced design and compatibility with automated equipment, VIVID White provides a comprehensive solution to the evolving security challenges faced by the cash industry

Improvement of the Banknote or Printing Process

VIVID White is a revolutionary security feature that combines stunning visual appeal, nearly impossible replication, and exceptional durability. Designed to reveal hidden elements under UV light, it enhances the authentication process for retailers and commercial banks, effectively safeguarding against counterfeit banknotes in the market. With its advanced design and compatibility with automated equipment, VIVID White offers a comprehensive solution to the evolving security challenges faced by the cash industry.

Efficiency is greatly improved with the use of VIVID White. In high-volume environments such as busy retail stores or banks, time is of the essence when it comes to authenticating banknotes. The bright white fluorescence allows for immediate detection and authentication, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual inspections or additional authentication devices.

VIVID White also enhances effectiveness. Traditional UV features often rely on subtle fluorescent inks that can be easily overlooked or replicated by counterfeiters. However, the bright and distinct fluorescence of VIVID White makes it much more difficult to counterfeit, significantly increasing the effectiveness of banknote security.

Safety is another key aspect that is improved by VIVID White. Counterfeit banknotes can have severe consequences, leading to financial losses and potentially funding criminal activities. By incorporating VIVID White as a feature, the risk of counterfeit banknotes is greatly reduced, providing a safer environment for transactions.

Resilience and durability is another key attribute with GUARDIAN™ polymer banknotes and its features. VIVID White excels in all kinds of weather conditions, whether its scorching hot or bitterly cold, the feature remains resilient and vibrant.

In conclusion, the use of VIVID White as a feature in banknotes significantly improves efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and resilience. Its bright white fluorescence allows for quick and easy authentication, saving time and enabling smooth transactions. The distinct fluorescence enhances effectiveness, making it challenging to counterfeit.

Innovation and Unique aspects

VIVID White is truly innovative and unique due to its ability to remain invisible until activated by a UV source. This breakthrough security ink takes advantage of the bright white fluorescence it possesses, making it easily distinguishable even under offset inks. Unlike traditional security features that require additional steps during the banknote printing process, VIVID White ink is incorporated into the substrate base layers beforehand. This not only simplifies the production of the GUARDIAN™ substrate, but it also grants greater design freedom for banknote printing.

The brilliance of VIVID White lies in its hidden nature. When a banknote featuring this ink is viewed under normal lighting conditions, the design remains unseen, enhancing its security levels. However, once illuminated by a UV source, the unique white fluorescence of the ink is revealed, leaving no doubt about the authenticity of the banknote. This feature provides an additional layer of assurance, ensuring that counterfeit banknotes can be easily identified and thwarted.

Furthermore, the incorporation of the UV fluorescent feature directly into the GUARDIAN™ substrate frees up options for banknote printing. Banknote designers can now explore a wider range of creative possibilities without compromising security. The ability to utilise a variety of inks and printing techniques while still maintaining the visibility of VIVID White ensures that banknotes remain aesthetically pleasing while being fortified against forgery.

The innovative nature of VIVID White lies in its ability to remain hidden until illuminated. This unique white fluorescence offers an enhanced level of security, providing reassurance and protection against counterfeiting. By incorporating this feature into the substrate base layers, the production process becomes more efficient, enabling greater design freedom for banknote printing.

Environmental Impact

The environmental benefits of the VIVID White extend beyond the production process of the banknote. As the only banknote that is fully recyclable, the GUARDIAN™ polymer banknote avoids the need for incineration or ending up in landfills. The VIVID White does not hinder the banknote’s recyclability or impact its sustainability objectives. It aligns seamlessly with the ethos of reduce, reuse, and recycle that the GUARDIAN™ polymer banknote strives to embody.

GUARDIAN™ polymer banknotes showcases its dedication to preserving the environment. It sets an example for the banking industry, demonstrating that sustainable practices can be integrated into even the smallest design details. As we continue to battle the pressing issue of climate change and seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint, environmentally friendly solutions like the GUARDIAN™ polymer banknotes which includes security features are essential to paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

In conclusion, the VIVID White on a polymer banknote not only offers visual appeal but also demonstrates a profound dedication to environmental sustainability. By combining this feature with the banknote’s recyclability, it showcases a responsible approach that significantly reduces its environmental impact. As the world strives to find innovative and sustainable solutions, GUARDIAN™ polymer banknotes stand as a leader, inspiring others to incorporate sustainable practices into their designs and choices.

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