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Since its first introduction to the market, SPARK® technology developed by SICPA has set a new trend for banknote authentication based on intuitive user experience. Leveraging eye-catching colour shifts and dynamic effects, SPARK® has established itself as a leading optical security feature worldwide. Meanwhile, it has been continually improved in terms of ink formulation, printing process, drying chemistry and design know-how.

Improvement of the Banknote or Printing Process

SPARK Flow® marks a new level of performance combining design sophistication and breakthrough process capabilities providing enhanced brightness, 3D depth, and innovative printing functionalities.

Innovation and Unique aspects

This new generation of overt security builds on an unprecedented level of control of over pigment alignment, prior to and during the creation of the dynamic effect. Using biaxial pre-alignment, it improves contrast, saturation, and sharpness of the feature. Further using biaxial simultaneous alignment, it enables a new family of stunning effects with a customisable and impressively realistic 3D appearance, adding dimension on a flat surface and tempting the user to touch and verify. The resulting printed security feature is highly visible, easy to authenticate and extremely resistant to counterfeiting.

Environmental Impact

SPARK Flow® is manufactured with high-performance nickel-free magnetic material and contributes to reducing the need for banknotes replacement thanks to its chemical and physical resistance which preserve its clear visibility, even on heavily circulated banknotes.

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