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KURZ (LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & CO. KG), supplier of registered KURZ THREADS and KINEGRAM® COSMIC foil patches


Product, Feature or Process Owner/s  KURZ

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Project Description

KURZ nominates a new feature for the IACA Best New Banknote Feature, Product or Process Award:

–>A registered KURZ THREAD equipped with KINEGRAM COLORS® technology

This feature was first introduced in October 2023 as principal security element of the new house notes “KINEGRAM® Around the World”. These new sample banknotes were created in collaboration with industry partner PWPW and KURZ’s subsidiary OVD Kinegram AG.

This feature marks a first in the banknote industry:
The registered KURZ THREAD is equipped with KINEGRAM COLORS®, and exhibits distinct, different colors in each of the thread windows. These colors are registered, i.e. on each banknote, they are visible in precise positions relative to the print design of the banknote.

Improvement of the Banknote or Printing Process

The registered KURZ THREAD with KINEGRAM COLORS® is a tried and tested feature with a capacity to improve the banknote design process, and the dependability to seamlessly integrate into the manufacturing process of banknotes.

The inherent capabilities present exceptional, greatly enhanced design options, and the features can be devised to perfectly blend in with or contrast with the banknote design. The use of multiple colors with the KINEGRAM COLORS® technology allows to take up and play with any colors from the banknote print design. The unique KINEGRAM® origination technology offers unparalleled visual security effects that can enhance, repeat or contrast printed motifs for a harmonious and intuitive overall banknote design.

KURZ THREADs with KINEGRAM COLORS® have been extensively tested and are fit for industrial production. Just like other features from KURZ, they can be applied into any banknote substrate and can seamlessly and smoothly be processed on any industry-standard application machine.

Innovation and Unique aspects

The registered window security thread is equipped with KINEGRAM COLORS® technology, i.e. with distinct multiple colors visible in each of the thread windows. It exhibits intense red, green and blue colors, which are found in many African national flags and pay tribute to local cultures. The colors are visible in precise positions relative to the print design of the banknote. This new feature not only elevates the security of the banknote, as it is extremely difficult for counterfeiters to imitate the precise colors. It also offers novel possibilities to integrate the thread design with the banknote print, and the stable, vivid metallic color are right to the purpose as a public security feature; as color is one of the characteristics of objects most easily remembered.

This feature seamlessly integrate into the banknote design process. This is visibly and vividly demonstrated with the new “KINEGRAM® around the world” house notes, which show a harmonious interplay of banknote print and foil, with the foil design adapted to the print motifs of the notes. The inherent design possibilities of the new features open up new possibilities to harmoniously integrate or strikingly contrast the features with the overall banknote design. The spectrum of colors from the banknote print design can be skillfully incorporated, while the unique KINEGRAM® origination technology adds unparalleled visual security effects.

Environmental Impact

As a leading provider of banknote security features, KURZ is well aware of their global responsibility for preserving the environment. Therefore, we aim for a sustainable and sparing use of natural resources while maintaining top quality and efficiency for our customers. The nominated new feature, the registered KURZ THREAD with KINEGRAM COLORS®, is no exception to these guidelines. In a meticulous development process, the seamless integration into the banknote manufacturing process was ensured. The know-how of KURZ and the care that goes into every product innovation provides for a smooth banknote production process with minimal waste. At our own premises, we follow a strict sustainability regimen that aims, among others, at the use of 100% renewable energy, the reduction of air emissions and a reduced electricity consumption. We also implemented optimized drying parameters which allow to save up to 15% of energy during foil production.

Image of the new feature shown on at least one issued banknote or an image of the new product

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