Nominating Organziation Name and role, if any, in the Project:

BP Security (company of Blendpaper Papeis especiais)

Organization that owns Innovation

BP Security

Date the Innovation was Implemented/Released


Country/Countries of Implementation:

The innovation was implemented in Brazil

Project Description

Recycling banknote Waste
The target on this Project was created new cycles to banknote waste. Everybody knows that banknote waste is an environmental problem, and tons of waste go to landfill every year. BP Security started last year on project to recovery the cotton fibers present on the banknote and reuse these fibers to produced new papers, at the beginning-colored papers but now we can produce security papers, passport and new Banknote papers. The project consists in high oxidation process, made in batch that create the possibility to supply all traceability to the client and to support the operational team. The high oxidation process permits repulp the paper and destroy the inks and all security features, including fibers and security threads. After the chemical process, we pump the pulp to the cleaner system to reject the plastics and other contaminants according to the final application. Once the fibers is clean, we can stock this fibers with 5% of consistence or we can send this pulp to the dewatering machine to remove the water and to possibility physical transportation until the paper machines. These fibers can be applied in all paper machines, in our papermill we use these fibers in fourdrinier, and mould made machine, where we can produce paper with different grammages, as example 50gr/m² until 330gr/m². The last step of this project was producing a printed banknote with our partner Casa da Moeda do Brasil, we created a watermark, windows thread application and our partner provide the printing technology.

Project Team:

This project started between coperation with CMB (Casa da moeda do Brasil) – Brazlian Mint

Impact on the cash cycle

This project will increase the cash cycle, because it will permit use % of waste banknote to comeback in circulation without any impact on physical tests.

Ease of Roll-out/Integration

The project permits to share these technologies to other countries and central banks, where we can find a partner to recover the cotton fibers present in the banknote.

Resilience of the innovation

This innovation comes to stay for the banknote paper future, where we can use for all papermakers, not restrictions, we can save minimum 85% of all banknotes in the world and introduce the fibers again, can it to produce paper, carton board, security papers, banknote paper, tissue, etc! These other products also can be recycled because the wet resistance was broken and the application in large!

Uniqueness of the innovation

This is the first process to recover fibers to apply special paper production.

Environmental impact

Totally eco-friendly, save millions of tons of banknote that go to the landfill every year!

Image of the cash cycle innovation

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