Nominating Organziation Name and role

CCL Secure

Banknote Issuers Name:

Bank of Guyana

Date of Banknote issue:


Project Team:

Bank of Guyana, CCL Secure, Canadian Banknote Corp

Confirm Banknote is Legal Tender
Confirm Banknote is issued at face value
Limited in Circulation:
10-11 million banknotes

Banknote Description

Guyana launched its commemorative banknote in 2022, a symbol of national pride and a testament to the country’s rich cultural and historical heritage. The $2000 banknote was launched to mark the 55th anniversary of Guyana’s independence from the United Kingdom and launched by the Bank of Guyana.

This unique banknote boasts a host of extraordinary features that truly set it apart. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it showcases vibrant colours and intricate artwork, depicting iconic landmarks, important figures, and emblematic flora and fauna of Guyana. From the majestic Kaieteur Falls to the awe-inspiring jaguar, each detail is carefully crafted to pay tribute to the country’s natural beauty and biodiversity.

In addition to its stunning design, the substrate used in the creation of this banknote is also noteworthy. Employing cutting-edge technology, the note is printed on a durable GUARDIAN™ polymer substrate, making it resilient to wear and tear, ensuring longevity, and preventing damage from environmental factors. This robustness ensures that the commemorative banknote will maintain its visual appeal and integrity for a prolonged period, becoming a cherished memento for collectors and citizens alike.

The issuance of this commemorative banknote seeks to create a sense of national pride and unity among the Guyanese people. It serves as a visual reminder of the shared history, values, and achievements that have shaped the nation. By showcasing important individuals and events, it instils a sense of appreciation for Guyana’s cultural diversity and heritage, fostering a strong national identity.

Innovation and unique aspects

The Guyana banknote stands out as an innovative and unique piece of currency, capturing the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders of the South American nation. From its design to its security features, the Guyana banknote leaves an indelible mark on the world stage.

One of the most distinctive features of the Guyana banknote is the representation of its diverse population. Each note showcases the faces of Guyanese citizens from various ethnic backgrounds, highlighting the nation’s commitment to inclusivity and unity. This remarkable approach promotes a sense of national pride and exemplifies Guyana’s multiculturalism.

Clear windows are a unique and integral security innovation of polymer banknotes. The large transparent window includes a cameo of the jaguar on the front whilst on the back of note a bright gold pattern creates a stunning effect around the window. The smaller transparent window meanwhile includes a third party SPARK security feature. The note also features tactile identification for the visually impaired.

Guyana banknote is truly innovative and unique. Its incorporation of diverse cultural elements, representation of natural wonders and advanced security features.

Overall integration of Features

The integration of various features on the Guyana banknote ensures its security and authenticity. One of the prominent security features is the use of transparent windows. The large transparent window, located on both sides of the banknote, displays the denomination of “$2000” and an image of the national animal, the jaguar. This window is a unique feature on polymer banknotes, adding an extra layer of security.

In addition to the large transparent window, there is a smaller circular window that further enhances the banknote’s security.

Covert security features are also incorporated into the banknote. Under UV light, a serial number and the words “One Guyana” become visible. These hidden elements can only be detected under specific lighting conditions, making it difficult to replicate or alter the banknote. Tactile features have been included to aid the visually impaired in identifying the banknote.

Overall, the integration of multiple security features in the Guyana banknote ensures its integrity and discourages counterfeiting. Through the use of transparent windows, covert elements under UV light, tactile features, and micro printing, the banknote offers a comprehensive and robust security system.

Tests certain aspects of the note

The Guyana commemorative note is a testament to the high level of testing and planning that goes into designing and delivering a GUARDIAN™ polymer banknote. With our extensive experience in working with central banks, we understand the complexities involved in this process.

One important aspect that designers must consider is the unique features and physical properties of our GUARDIAN™ substrate. Unlike traditional banknote paper, GUARDIAN™ substrate requires a different approach to design. Designers integrate multiple layers of substrate, print, and applied features in a three-dimensional manner, ensuring that the front and reverse side designs are complementary and reinforce the security measures of the banknote.

Testing for the Guyana commemorative note also includes evaluating various printed offset features and printed intaglio features. These features are crucial in enhancing the visual appeal and security of the banknote.

Collaboration with printers is another vital aspect of the testing process. Working closely with Bank of Guyana allows for the precise reproduction of the banknote design and ensures that the desired visual effects and security features are achieved.

Throughout the testing phase, quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the finished banknote meets the highest standards of durability and security. Various tests, such as durability testing, are conducted to assess the banknote’s resistance to wear and tear.

In conclusion, the testing aspects of the Guyana $2000 commemorative note encompass a wide range of considerations from substrate properties to printing techniques and security measures. Through thorough testing and collaboration with stakeholders, we ensure the successful delivery of a durable and secure banknote.

Highlights an event

The launch of the commemorative $2000 banknote in Guyana serves as a significant event to mark the 55th anniversary of the country’s independence from the United Kingdom. The Bank of Guyana introduced this special edition banknote to honour this historic milestone.

What makes this note unique is its design, which pays tribute to Guyana’s rich history while also symbolising its future and commitment to the environment. The banknote incorporates various images that capture the essence of the nation.

The launch of the commemorative note signifies Guyana’s pride in its independence, its aspirations for the future, and its dedication to environmental sustainability.



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