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De La Rue

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De La Rue

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Project Description

The original SPOTLIGHT™ features two identical icons that appear to float above or below the plane of a holographic foil then rotate intuitively as the note is tilted. When the surrounding light is diffuse the icons appear blurry. When a torch light (such as the torch of a mobile phone) is focussed on the holograms they become sharp.

This normination is for the next iteration of SPOTLIGHT™, which features the same type of effect, but delivers the signficant technical advancement of having working with two entirely different icons.

SPOTLIGHT™ is particularly difficult to simulate (requiring bespoke equipment and advanced imaging knowledge). It also offers two distinct authentication methods. The intuitive movement upon rotation is unusal for many holographic effects. And the impact of changing lighting conditions enables users to authenticate a note remotely by comparing a photo of the banknote with a hologram wtih the torch light on and off.

The presence of two entirely different icons secures SPOTLIGHT™ to another level. It represents a step change in scientific difficulty and means the barriers to simulation are even higher again.

Improvement of the Banknote or Printing Process

This has no impact on the printing process.

It does improve the resiliency of the banknote – providing an intuitive feature that on the cutting-edge of science and virtually impossible to counterfeit. SPOTLIGHT is already incredibly sophisticated, requiring advanced equipment and specialist know how. The ability to generate it with two uniquely different icons raises the bar again.

Unusually for a primary recognition feature it enables simple remote authentication – users can send two phone images taken from the same position – one with the the torch of a smart phone turned on and one with it turned off. The image under torch light will appear sharp where the image under diffuse light will appear blurred. This is an unambiguous way of authenticating a banknote.

Innovation and Unique aspects

The presence of two rotating icons in SPOTLIGHT™ has not been achieved anywhere else and represents a significant scientific advancement.

PLEASE NOTE – this feature will be launching imminently on a live banknote. Until that banknote launches we don’t have an image of 2 icon SPOTLIGHT to share. We have attached images of single icon SPOTLIGHT. Please imagine that one of the rotating heads is a different icon. We should be able to provide an image in the event of this submission progressing.

Environmental Impact

Very limited impact. In the event of a serious counterfeiting attack the ability to remotely authenticate this feature may minimize transportation needs.

Image of the new feature shown on at least one issued banknote or an image of the new product

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