Nominating Organziation Name and role

National Bank of Kazakhstan

Banknote Issuers Name:

National Bank of Kazakhstan

Date of Banknote issue:


Project Team:

National Bank of Kazakhstan, Giesecke+Devrient and Louisenthal (Germany), SICPA (Switzerland).

Confirm Banknote is Legal Tender
Confirm Banknote is issued at face value
Limited in Circulation:
3,000,000 pieces

Banknote Description

In global practice, banknote designs undergo changes every 7-8 years to prevent counterfeiting. New banknotes are issued, incorporating advanced security features and leveraging cutting-edge technologies in their production.

The National Bank of Kazakhstan continually assesses the latest security elements employed worldwide. This proactive approach ensures a high level of protection for the national currency, effectively reducing the risk of counterfeiting.

The National Bank systematically works towards enhancing the security of the tenge. It begins by issuing ‘home banknotes’ to evaluate their susceptibility to mass reproduction. Subsequently, new protective elements are tested on commemorative banknotes, and the most effective ones are then integrated into circulating banknotes.

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the national currency, the National Bank of Kazakhstan issued a limited edition of 3,000,000 pieces of a commemorative banknote with a face value of 10,000 tenge on November 15, 2023. This jubilee banknote is legally required to be accepted at face value throughout the territory of Kazakhstan for all types of payments and can be exchanged in all banks across the country.

The jubilee banknote of 10,000 tenge features a Patch security element with a varifeye® ColourChange window overlaying a sparkling image of the Kazakhstan coat of arms, resembling a coin. When viewed through a light source, the translucent symbol for the tenge currency is shown in blue. This image is visible on both sides of the note. Additionally, this tenge design can also be seen in the watermark, as well as when tilting the PEAK® together with the anniversary number 30. Additionally, on the reverse side, a highly dynamic 3D effect is achieved through the application of the Galaxy® thread with flip elements, which transitions in color from magenta to green when tilted. This corresponds to the SPARK Flow® PRIME, which again represents the tenge image.

Innovation and unique aspects

In the creation of the new commemorative banknote, featuring a denomination of 10,000 tenge and dimensions of 145×70 mm, cutting-edge technologies were meticulously considered in the banknote production. The design incorporates a blend of the latest protective elements alongside traditional methods, resulting in a banknote boasting 19 advanced security features.

At the heart of the banknote stands a prominent coin, proudly displaying the golden, three-dimensional State Emblem of Kazakhstan on its front side. Both the obverse and reverse sides showcase the blue “₸ – tenge” symbol when exposed to light.

A concealed security element graces the front side just above the map of Kazakhstan, appearing at a distinct angle. This covert feature takes the form of the “₸ – tenge” symbol coupled with the number “30.”

The banknote includes a 5 mm magnetic protective thread known as Galaxy Flip, exhibiting a Blossom effect that transitions from magenta to green. This thread dynamically alters the image from the “₸-tenge” symbol to the number “30.”

The optically mutable image of the “₸ – tenge” symbol is achieved using the SPARK Flow® PRIME element, applied with a specialized color-changing ink.

Furthermore, the front side showcases letter designations for the new regions of Kazakhstan, namely “A,” “Zh,” and “U.” These designations are intricately integrated using hidden secure printing through intaglio, discernible at a specific angle of the banknote.

Overall integration of Features

The obverse and reverse sides of the 10,000 tenge commemorative banknote are meticulously crafted around the digital symbol “₸-tenge” found on the coin, symbolizing the dynamism inherent in our modern, rapidly changing world. The ornamental plant element situated to the left of the “₸-tenge” sign is not only a representation of development and growth but also imparts a distinctive national character to the design. The incorporation of the Moebius Ribbon within the coin image on both sides of the banknote serves as a poignant symbol of endless movement.

On the front side of the banknote, a detailed map of Kazakhstan with its regions is featured. Each region’s territory is highlighted with various traditional Kazakh ornaments. This map includes the newly formed regions of Kazakhstan as of 2022: Abai, Zhetisu, and Ulytau. The letter designations for these new regions, namely “A,” “Zh”, and “U,” are discernible at an angle on the banknote. Additionally, a concealed protective element in the form of the “₸-tenge” symbol and the number “30” becomes visible upon tilting the banknote.

The reverse side portrays the general outline of the Eurasian continent, symbolizing the unwavering nature of Kazakhstan’s established state borders. A Galaxy® security thread on this side undergoes a color transition from magenta to green, concurrently shifting the image from the “₸-tenge” symbol to the number “30.” This dynamic feature further enhances the security of the banknote.

Tests certain aspects of the note

The primary visual protective elements incorporated into the front side of the new 10,000 tenge banknote are as follows:

  1. Patch – featuring a sparkling depiction of the Kazakhstan coat of arms resembling a coin on the banknote.
  2. varifeye® ColourChange window – when viewed in transmitted light, the silhouette of the “Tenge” symbol undergoes a color shift from gold to blue.
  3. Local watermark and electrotype – when illuminated, a watermark resembling the “₸-tenge” symbol and an electrotype bearing the nominal value become distinctly visible.

On the reverse side, the key visual protective elements of the 10,000 tenge banknote include:

  1. Color-changing demetalized security thread – exhibiting a color shift from magenta to green, accompanied by a pronounced highly dynamic 3D effect. In transmitted light, demetallized representations of the face value and the inscription “tenge” emerge on both sides of the banknote.
  2. Optically changeable image of the “₸-tenge” symbol, utilizing the SPARK Flow® PRIME element transitioning from magenta to green.

The jubilee banknote introduces tactile security features in the form of convex high-relief elements strategically positioned along the edges of the front side. These elements have been rigorously tested for their effectiveness in providing tactile security for the vision impaired.

Highlights an event

On November 15, 2023, Kazakhstan commemorates the 30th anniversary of its national currency, the tenge, signifying a remarkable milestone in the nation’s economic history.

Introduced in 1993, the tenge marked a significant step towards Kazakhstan’s financial sovereignty, with its initial banknotes circulating on November 15 of that year. Over the years, the tenge has undergone multiple redesigns and updates to fortify security measures and modernize its appearance, reflecting Kazakhstan’s rich cultural heritage.

The first banknotes were printed in Great Britain, but the establishment of the tenge’s banknote factory in 1995 underscored Kazakhstan’s growing economic independence. Renowned for its exceptional quality, distinctive design, superior craftsmanship, and robust anti-counterfeiting measures, the tenge has garnered international recognition and acclaim.

The Kazakhstan tenge is globally acknowledged as one of the most secure currencies, boasting high security elements up to the 20 thousand tenge banknote. Esteemed experts worldwide highlight Kazakhstan’s banknotes for their unique design and exclusive solutions in protective elements.

The 30th anniversary celebration witnessed the release of a new 10,000 tenge commemorative banknote, presented at the 11th Congress of Financiers in Almaty in November 2023 and entering circulation on 15 November 2023. This new banknote aims to fortify security features and spotlight Kazakhstan’s cultural values and history.



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