Mary Anne P. Lim is the Assistant Governor of the Currency and Securities Production Sub-sector (CSPSs) at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) – Security Plant Complex (SPC). In her current role she manages and supervises the operations relating to the production of circulation and commemorative banknotes and coins, printing of government security documents, and production of presidential medals and state decorations. Likewise, she supervises the gold refining operations of the central bank. In the last couple of years, she assisted the BSP’s management with the modernization of the banknotes production equipment, construction of a new mint building, and In 2021, the Introduction of the first polymer piso In the Philippines, the 1000-piso.

AG Lim’s career with the central bank began In 2011 wherein she was put in charge of contracts administration for the bank’s Infrastructure projects. In 2014, she was appointed Deputy Director of the Procurement and Property Management Group and became Director of the Department of General Services in 2015. In 2017, she was designated Director of the Banknotes and Securities Production Department, and In 2018, was designated as Director of the Human Resource Management Department. In 2019, she returned to SPC as Head of the Currency and Securities Production Sub-sector and has remained In that role ever since.

Assistant Governor Lim holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Arellano University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science from the University of the Philippines Manila. She was admitted to the Philippine Bar In 2005 and has since remained a member of the Bar In good standing.