Albert Amon

Induction Year: 2011

A visionary industry leader, an advocate of technology and innovation, a paternal and inspiring entrepreneur, and a charismatic communicator, the late Albert Amon, Chairman and Honorary President of SICPA, contributed to the shaping of the modern currency industry, specifically in the domain of security inks and technological solutions for banknote development.

Albert Amon’s business acumen and global vision have been driving forces behind the constant expansion of the family business.

Founded in 1927 in Lausanne, the company is now a multinational group established in 25 countries. A strong supporter for the making of Europe, and a pragmatic businessman visiting China as early as the 1970s, Albert Amon was renowned for being a visionary entrepreneur.

His foresight and intuitive understanding of the market needs brought him to spearhead the development of security printing inks in 1930s.

Rewarded from the consistent resources allocated to research and development and Albert Amon’s unique flair for recognizing talented individuals, the company took up the role of innovative leader of security printing solutions.

Many of today’s banknote technologies, such as security inks for high-speed industrial printing, water-wiping intaglio inks, and non-interleaving sheet-fed banknote printing, were invented and put into application under his leadership.

The high quality standards set by SICPA for its security inks are now adopted as international standards.

A gifted and charismatic communicator, Albert Amon succeeded in forging long-term partnerships with industry leaders, and he is recognized as one of the pioneering banknote industry leaders who raised the industry from the banknote crafting model of the 1950s to the sophistication of today.

Apart from his entrepreneurial skills, Albert Amon’s acute sense of social responsibility brought significant contributions to the community, notably in the scientific and cultural domains.

The SICPA Foundation set up by Albert Amon provides support to medical students around the world. His engagement earned him the honours of the French Commandeur de la Légion d’honneur and of the Brazilian Comendador da Ordem do Cruzeiro do Sul.

The pioneering spirit and respectful entrepreneurship of Albert Amon continue to influence SICPA today. The company’s skilled workforce is dedicated to reinforcing the technological sophistication of the currency world, anticipating new needs of banknote production and cash cycle management, and delivering product and service excellence.