Adrian Baxter

Induction Year: 2013

Adrian began his career in the currency industry in South Africa in the late 1980’s as a maintenance engineer and later supervisor. He joined Currency Systems International as employee #46, working as Europe,Middle East and Africa Service Manager,later moving to Malaysia to become the CSI Asia Managing Director.Following the purchase of CSI by De La Rue in 2002, Adrian went to Texas to manage key accounts.

In 2004, Adrian joined Currency Research, first as president and later as president/CEO.

Adrian lived and worked in the Industry in Africa, Europe,Asia and North America for over 25 years and in each geographical area made a contribution both to the company he worked for and to the currency industry more broadly.He was passionate about building relationships throughout the industry. Adrian was dedicated to his teams and to personally mentoring each individual.

In 2006, Adrian became the Chairman of the International Commercial Cash Operations Seminar (ICCOS) Americas, which he expanded by creating ICCOS EMEA and ICCOS ASIA. He was committed to promoting dialogue within the commercial cash industry, as well as between central banks and commercial cash processors and providers.

Adrian’s most significant contribution to the industry as a whole came in his role as the founding Senior Vice President and Executive Director of IACA, roles he carried out for more than 6 years.

He tirelessly promoted IACA as the voice of the currency industry. Adrian created the IACA web site with the industry news and IACA’s e-library,and he was the driving force behind the creation of IACA’s programs including the Excellence in Currency Awards,the IACA Guidelines, the IACA Global PAyment Survey Project and the Currency Hall of Fame TM.

Adrian Baxter was, without a doubt, the face of IACA.