Johannes Schaede

Induction Year: 2023

Johannes joined KBA (now Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions) Würzburg in 1983 in the banknote machine design department and retired as Technical Director in 2021 after almost 40 years with the company.

During his career Johannes was involved and highly contributed to the development of printing solutions such as Selective Inking to reduce the use of ink in the Intaglio process, the Sound of Intaglio used for the ValiCash® mobile app to authenticate banknotes, printing processes such as Screen with the development of the SPARK feature in collaboration of SICPA on the NotaScreen machine, and the Application process.

Johannes also played an important role in the development of inspection systems for every printing process to reduce and avoid waste during the production process.

Some of his other notable developments are the latest generation of the Super Orlof Simultan systems, the

high-precision plate clamping for the Super Simultan IV (IACA award winner), the Super Orlof Intaglio III (IACA award winner), the NumeroProtecta combination of numbering and varnishing (IACA award winner) and the 12 colors development for the Super Simultan IV.

On the security feature side, Johannes was behind the development of the SUSI Flip™ and SUSI Optics™ Security features.

Johannes has built a strong team of young and motivated Product Managers at Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions that helps secure the future of the company after his departure. Thanks to his efforts and commitment, strong teams have been set up with great knowledge of the industry and of our products and who are progressing innovations such as new machines technologies, digital developments and much more.

Apart from working directly on production technology, Johannes has always had a strong interest in the banknote of the future and increasing the efficiency of the cash-cycle. He was instrumental in a wide range of research done in cooperation with the OWL University in Lemgo, Germany. In addition, he worked on the creation of the Coverno development company together with the university, which will also work on the novel authentication technology and further developing the banknote of the future.

Johannes carries numerous international patents in the printing and banknote production field.

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