Address: Jl. Palatehan No. 4, Blok K-V, Kebayoran Baru, (Head Office)
City: Jakarta
ZIP Code: 12160
State/County: Greater Jakarta
Country: Indonesia


Peruri is a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) that was formed by the merger of the State Corporation (PN) Arta Yasa and Pertjetakan Kebajoran. Peruri or the Indonesian Government Security Printing and Minting Corporation was founded on September 15, 1971, based on Government Regulation Number 60 of 1971, which was then amended by Government Regulation Number 25 of 1982, which was then amended by Government Regulation Number 34 of 2000, Government Regulation Number 32 of 2006, and perfected for the final time by Government Regulation Number 06 of 2019.

Since its inception, Peruri’s goals and business fields have been to print banknotes and mint coins for Bank Indonesia (BI) and to print printed materials, securities, and other metal goods for the government, Bank Indonesia (BI), state institutions and the public following Government Regulation (PP) Number 60 of 1971. Finally, according to PP Number 06 of 2019, the business field is expanded to include digital security services in addition to printing Rupiah currency and security documents for the state. Until now, Peruri was the only SOE that had received the trust of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to carry out the printing of Rupiah currency (both banknotes and coins) as required by Law (UU) Number 7 of 2011.