NXTGenDetect, LLC

Address: 6965 El Camino Real, Ste 105-246
City: Encinitas
ZIP Code: 92009
State/County: CA
Country: USA


NXTGenDetect, LLC is offering consulting and advisory services in the areas of design of security feature with emphasis on machine readability, detection and authentication systems for banknotes, coins, and high value items.
Dr Tomasz Jagielinski, President and CTO of the NXTGenDetect has over 30 years of unique experience with banknotes and coins denomination and authentication. He has been leading development of banknote and coin sensors including optical, magnetic, ultrasonic, capacitive, mechanical, and other sensors. A hands-on experience with forensic evaluation of banknotes and coins and in-depth understanding of currency processing systems provides us with a unique view of the authentication of the machine-readable security features in banknotes and coins. We have been working with low and high-speed banknote authentication systems and systems processing notes short edge first and long edge first.  We have also been working with low-speed coin acceptors and high-speed coin sorters.