The new 50 Swiss Franc

Product Owner: Swiss National Bank

The note is the first of the new 9th Swiss series to go into circulation. The National Bank has revolutionized the design concept of its banknotes, moving away from traditional portraits to depicting typical characteristics of the country.

The 50-franc note is the first of the 9th Series of Swiss Franc to enter circulation. The theme for the entire series is ‘The many facets of Switzerland’.

In keeping with the Swiss National Bank’s tradition of excellence and uncompromising security standards, the note features many security features incorporated into an innovative substrate – Durasafe,

Durasafe was conceived specifically for this family of notes.

DuraSafe(R) substrate, with transparent areas, Volume(R) hologram and a first Spark(R) Feature with a curved rolling bar, combined into an elegant and modern design with strong level 2 features and an outstanding printing quality, especially in intaglio.

From a design standpoint, the note breaks with tradition by removing the portrait as the main feature of the note, and replacing it, in this case, with a hand, gently holding a dandelion head that is blown by the wind, the key theme of this note.




Awards | Currency Awards 2017


Best New Banknote or Banknote Series


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