Substitution of Hexavalant Chrome VI coating process for EURO coining dies for the introduction in Croatia with new PVD Coatings

Organisation: Inorcoat / Croatian Mint

In accordance of this project the aim was to replace environmental harmfull galvanic process (Galvanic Chrome plating – Chrome VI problematic – REACH regulation) with new type of PVD coatings in accordance to the introduction of the EURO in Croatia.

Electrodeposited chromium (Cr) coatings are widely used as hard chrome or decorative coatings. The coin industry uses this harmful coating process to make dies durable. Within the European REACH regulation the use of electroplated chromium, especially based on the toxic Cr VI is strongly restricted and alternatives are sought which:

1. are deposited with an environmentally friendly process are deposited
2. have similar or better wear properties than electroplated chromium
3. in case of substitution of a decorative Cr coating, have similar decorative as well as antibacterial/viral properties
4. and, especially in the minting industry, a cost-neutral substitution of the electroplated Cr.

Chrome coating using INORCOAT‘s PVD technology is a purely physical process. These coatings are an high performance, non-hazardous and REACH compliant option for hard chrome. Coatings based on the principle of physical vapor deposition may offer higher hardness, high toughness and high wear resistance. In general, PVD Coatings may provide superior protection compared to electrodeposited chrome.

Awards | Coin Awards 2022


Best New Environmental Sustainability Project for Coins


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