New series of Armenian banknotes

Project Owner: Central Bank of Armenia 


In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Armenian currency the Central Bank of Armenia in 2018 issued the III series of banknotes providing solutions to a number of challenges offered by technological innovations in the sphere of security printing:
◊ optimization of the nominal structure of the Armenian banknotes by introduction of a new 2000 dram banknote with the inclusion of which the nominal structure of the III series of banknotes comprises the banknotes of 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 50000 dram denomination.
◊ creation of new designs for the III series of banknotes with preservation of the principle of picturing famous Armenians, and in the meantime with enlargement of the thematic and geographical bounds of their presentation,
◊ usage of HybridTM substrate in production of banknotes that prolongs the life of the banknotes in circulation,
◊ facilitation of recognition and identification of the banknotes by population due to application of modern vivid and well recognizable security features.
The banknotes of the II series will stay as legal tender in the territory of the Republic of Armenia and will be in parallel circulation with the banknotes of the III series within the period determined by the Central Bank of Armenia.

New feature (s) or technical innovation

New Armenian notes are printed on the composite substrate HybridTM produced by Papierfabric Louisenthal GmbH specifically for this family of notes. HybridTM combines the advantages of paper and polymer and considerably prolongs the life of the banknotes in circulation.
Meanwhile, the newest security features such as

  • a window security thread Rolling Star Galaxy® ,
  • a security feature SPARK® Live,
  • and a transparent window LaserCutTM
    for the first time were used on the Armenian circulation banknotes.

Improved security

The SF of the latest generation are applied on the banknotes:

  • a windsow security thread Rolling Star Galaxy® with an effect of color shifting; contains “swimming” 3D bright figures in the form of an angle, the graphical sign of Dram and de-metallized patterns of nominal value,
  • a security feature SPARK® Live in the form of a circle with a color shifting effect,
  • a transparent window LaserCutTM with a precisely defined element of the design,
  • two types of watermark – the multi-tone and two-tone watermarks reflecting portrait and nominal value of the banknote,
  • visible and invisible (UV fluorescent) fibers incorporated into the banknote substrate,
  • images, texts and figures printed in intaglio,
  • micro-texts and areas assembled from micro-images,
    • a feature in the form of a shimmery band made by application of two-colored iridescent ink,
    • anti-scanner/copier features,
  • UV, IR features.
    These SF considerably facilitates recognition and identification of the notes by public and cashiers.


  1. The nominal structure of the new III series of Armenian banknotes is optimized by introduction of a new 2000 dram denominated banknote which has to facilitate the circulation burden carried by the smallest 1000 dram denomination.
  2. The thematic and geographical bounds of presentation of the famous Armenians are enlarged. New historical and cultural figures that appeared on the banknotes are well known not only in Armenia, but all over the world and cover various spheres of life activity.
  3. New composite substrate has been used for production of banknotes.
  4. Modern and bright I level security features (for public) with color shifting and 3D “swimming” effects have been used.

Historical or local content

New designs were created for all six denominations with preservation of the principle of portraying the famous Armenians on the front and picturing the proofs of their outstanding contribution to the heritage of the Armenia’s history and culture on the back.
Among these famous Armenians are Paruyr Sevak, a famous Armenian poet whose works have been translated to many languages, Tigran Petrosian – twice World Chess Champion,
William Saroyan – a writer of short stories and novels who is known all over the world, Komitas – a composer who personifies the victims of the Armenian Genocide, Hovhannes Aivazovsky – a world-renown marine artist of Armenian origin, who is considered as one of the greatest masters of marine art of all times, Saint Gregory the Illuminator – the first Catholicos of the Christian Armenia. Due to his efforts the Christianity in Armenia in 301 was proclaimed as a state religion (see the attachment).

Issuer and Denominations

New III series of Armenian banknotes – comprises 6 banknote denominations:
1000 dram
2000 dram
5000 dram
10000 dram
20000 dram
50000 dram

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