New 500-yen coin

Organization Name:  Japan Mint

This coin, which started to be issued and circulated from November 1st, 2021, with new specifications, including new materials, is introduced to strengthen counterfeit resistance.
New security features are followings:
– Application of new technology, bicolor clad, to the materials (two-color, three-layer structure),
– Helical ridges with two different pitches: This innovation is a more sophisticated version of the helical ridges that are designed to deter counterfeiting by milling the coin’s edge helically. By providing some parts of the coin’s edge with helical ridges shaped differently from those applied to the other parts, anti-counterfeiting is enhanced greatly, both technically and visually. The coin is the world’s first mass-produced coin with helical ridges with two different pitches.
– Micro lettering on the rim of the coin obverse: The latest technology is used to make micro letters clearly visible to the naked eye. Micro lettering is highly effective in preventing counterfeiting.
Traditional security features also have been updated in further sophisticated manner.
– Latent images in the face value number: The two words, “JAPAN” and “500YEN”, become visible alternately only when seen from certain angles.
– Outstanding craftsmanship behind the micro dots on the paulownia leaves: The latest microfabrication technology is used to create these micro dots, which are highly effective at preventing counterfeiting.
– Micro stripe finer than a human hair: Micro stripes form a fan shape around the letters “日本国 (Japan)” and “五百円 (500 yen)” at the top and bottom of the coin.These micro stripes stretch the limits of microscopic metal cutting work.

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