Mexico 20 pesos Commemorative coins, example Veracruz

OWNER: Banco de Mexico

Features of the Veracruz coin; the other coins are similar

Technical features:
Diameter 30 mm
Shape Dodecagon (12-sided)
Weight 12.67 grams
Edge Interrupted milled

The composition of this bimetallic coin is:

Center: copper-nickel-zinc alloy.
Weight: 5.51 grams.

Peripheral ring of the coin: bronze-aluminum alloy.
Weight: 7.16 grams.

Veracruz is the first bimetallic dodecagonal Mexican coin, also is the first Mexican Coin to have the latent image security feature, in which a 20 numeral is visible when the coin is tilted.

Dodecagon (12-sided) coin, with two security features: the words “500 VERACRUZ” in microprinting and a latent image of the number 20 that can only be seen if the coin is tilted.

Example of the Veracruz coin

The Villa Rica of Veracruz, founded on the April 21, 1519, by Hernan Cortés, was the first municipality on the continental America. This coin commemorates the 500 anniversary of foundation of the city and port of the Villa Rica of Veracruz.

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