Honduras 200 – registered security thread

Project Owner: Central Bank of Honduras & G+D / Louisenthal

The Republic of Honduras recently celebrated its bicentennial alongside several other Central American countries, recognising 200 years of independence from Spanish colonisation. The currency of Honduras is the lempira(HNL), introduced in 1926 to replace the peso. The specially featured 200 Lempira banknote was issued in July 2021, incorporating the world`s first registered high-security Galaxy thread. This is a very significant advancement, and the Banks management team and employees, are proud to demonstrate progress and innovation in their currency.

It’s the first in the world to incorporate a registered Galaxy thread with different and precisely positioned windows. When tilting the banknote it is observed that in the upper and lower window there is a change of information from a bell, to 200, and vice versa. The middle window incorporates the watermark-like design that consists of a parchment (a special paper pergament – pergamino) and a quill, and all three windows contain a dynamic circle that seems to move beneath the surface. The elements in the windows are of high significance for the Bicentennial.

Substrate embedded security is evolving. The key for public authentication is an unambiguous appearance of a banknote, using a registered platform. We are seeing greater interest from issuers in these platforms. Nowadays, almost every foil on a new denomination is designed and applied in register. The thread has also developed significantly, and now the registered thread has elevated the security bar.

An unregistered security thread can be optimised with state of the art precision registration. A registered thread with different and precisely positioned windows gives room for colourful storytelling in the banknote, and an easy reference for the public. The Honduras 200 illustrates this dimension. The registered thread can be optimised on Louisenthal´s RollingStar, RollingStar i+ and Galaxy threads, which utilise the proven micromirror technology, incorporating several million optimally-angled micromirrors per square centimetre. The combination of vibrant optical effects of ColourShift, exceptional Dynamic Movement and remarkable 3D come to life.

Awards | Currency Awards 2022


Best New Innovation (Banknotes or Coin)


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