Central Bank of The Bahamas, New CRISP Evolution Series $100

Project Owner: Central Bank of The Bahamas

Project Team

Crane Currency, LandQart AG, SICPA, CBN

Banknote Denomination/s and Date of Issue

The Bahamas $100 is the highest denomination of the family and was issued October 6th 2021.

Project Description

The Canadian Bank Note Company manufactured the final note in the Bahamian Central Bank’s CRISP evolution family of banknotes in collaboration with Crane Currency, Landqart and SICPA. The $100 is the highest denomination of the family and was issued October 6th 2021. The CRISP series of banknotes has been issued with each denomination’s design, security and durability tailored to meet different circulation requirements. While the low denomination banknotes focus on durability and cost effectiveness, the high denomination banknotes prioritize security and innovation. To achieve their innovation objective, the Central Bank of the Bahamas specified the application of Crane’s micro-optic MOTION SURFACE to Landqart’s Dursasafe substrate and was to include Spark Live.
The central bank set a high standard. To rise to the challenge the collaborators worked through a design integration framework. The theme, a marine landscape scene, was handsomely executed by fully exploiting micro-lenses, print and windows. The final note has a sense of movement, depth and dimension. The final note was designed to fully capitalize on the novelty and intuitiveness of the security features.

Innovation and Uniqueness of Security Features

The optical effects possible with Crane’s stripe offers vast design opportunities. The striking three-dimensional appearance of the “Topo” feature is the focal point for the stripe and is rendered as a crystal ball. The illusion of depth available with the Crane micro-lenses is used to create the appearance of shadows in the background of the stripe. These are unified with shadows of fish swimming behind, around and through the background of the stripe. Finally, the optical effect which provides the appearance of movement is used to depict a select number of animated fish frantically swimming away as a marlin breaks through the school.
Sophisticated design integration is achieved with the illusion of depth, movement and 3D elements. While not the focal point, the subtle gold iridescent stripe running through the intaglio printed fish enhances the scene and improves security.

Integration of historical or local content that is relevant to the country

Bahamas’ natural beauty and wildlife are globally admired. The note celebrates these natural wonders by depicting a sophisticated underwater scene. The story of a marlin bursting through a group of smaller marine life and causing a flurry of activity is charming.
While unfortunate and unplanned, Arthur Dion Hanna’s passing made it extraordinarily fitting that his portrait should appear on the front of the notes. The portrait is rendered fabulously by artists and captures his personality; a fitting testament to the former Governor General, former Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister of Finance of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and a founding father of the modern Bahamas.

Effectiveness of the integration of security features into the banknote

The note design capitalizes on the known security of the window and positions it close to the portrait. When the public view the portrait, the window feature is within the field of view. This proximity makes it possible for users to notice the window and overprinted jellyfish when looking at the portrait.

Spark Live is also a well understood security feature. The same principle is used in the positioning of the customized engraving in the Spark Live design. Close to the portrait. When users glance at the portrait the Spark Live feature is within the field of view and attenable by the public.
The front of the note is designed to bundle the principal security features within an area that can be seen at once. Two high security elements in proximity to the detailed, attention-grabbing intaglio portrait use design so users can be alerted if a feature is suspect.

Aesthetic appeal and overall design of the banknote or banknote series

Crane Currency’s micro-optics SURFACE stripe has presence. By rendering an aquatic scene, the rectangular dimensions of applied stripes become an asset rather than a hindrance. The stripe, with its design adds a fluid element to the overall landscape.
The subtle coffee tones of the background highlight the stripe and intaglio features and expose their beauty while maintaining the tonal integrity of the $100 note that Bahamians recognize.
The SPARK Live feature was specially designed. A natural alignment between the properties of conch shell and the optically variable property of SPARK is beautifully rendered.
Finally, the portrait is the heart of a bank note. The artistry, which is evident in the rendition of Arthur Dion Hanna, bring the face of this note to life. The portrait is engraved with charm and presence, maintaining a realism that allows his personality to shine through.

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