25 Years of Constitutional Democracy in South Africa, 1994-2019 ‘Freedom and security of the person’

Organisation: The South African Mint Company

The obverse features the coat of arm and the date 2020, as well as the words ‘South Africa’ written in two of the eleven official languages, English (South Africa) and Setswana (Aforika Borwa).

The reverse features a mother holding her daughter’s hand, while walking down a path lined on both sides with sunflowers. The design represents ‘Freedom and security of the person’, the human right listed as No. 12 in the Bill of Rights (S.A.’s Constitution). The denomination and the years 1994 to 2019, which represents the 25 years since the establishment of a Constitutional Democracy in South Africa, also feature.

The artist, Esta Quirk, describes the design as follows:
‘As a daughter, sister, wife and most importantly mother to a little girl I feel very strongly about this right. I do believe that it is the right of every South African to feel free, secure and safe in their home country. I truly believe that my daughter will one day live in a country where freedom and security of the person is a reality. I see my daughter walking in great open spaces without any fear, I see my daughter and all South Africans living their lives without all the self-made prisons and invisible walls we put up around us to keep us and ours safe. The sunflower the girl holds represents HOPE. Young sunflowers always turn to the sun, they follow the light. As long as we follow the light, look on the bright side we have HOPE.’


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Best New Commemorative or Test Circulating Coin Issued at Face Value