20 Zloty

Product owner: National Bank of Poland

This commemorative banknote was put into circulation on April 12, 2016 to celebrate the 1050th Anniversary of the Baptism in Poland. The banknote depicts the portraits of Prince Mieszko I and his Bohemian wife Dobrawa and the image of Gniezno Cathedral.

The symbolism presented on the banknote is reminiscent of the time of Poland’s baptism – a ground-breaking event in the history of Poland. It reminds not only of its theological dimension, but also of its political, social and cultural consequences. At that moment, Poland was introduced to a new world, embodied in the new culture, new institution, structures and legal provisions.

The banknote represents high aesthetic value and contains modern security features, some of them used for the first time in the issued banknotes:

  • Optically variable image in the form of transparent hologram, the combination of DID ™ Wave I DID™ Virtual;
  • Window security thread of advanced construction (Active®) which gives the strong and hard to imitate colour changing effect;
  • Special intaglio raster;
  • SPARK Live® feature implemented first time in Polish Banknote;
  • Two intaglio portraits on the same side of the note.
  • Cotton-based substrate, double side intaglio, featuring a holographic patch on the front and micro-lenticular security thread and magnetically oriented colour-shifting ink with personalized design on the back.

The commemorative zloty note incorporates latest technologies in colour-shifting inks, holograms and threads.




Awards | Currency Awards 2017


Best New Commemorative or Limited Circulation Banknote


Finalist | Winner