1000 Peso Series G Banknote

Owner:  Banco de Mexico

Project Team:
Printer: Banco de Mexico
Substrate: Crane/Louisenthal
Rapid Thread: Crane
Multicode Thread: Louisenthal
Spark Live: SICPA
Security Inks SICPA

The 1000-peso banknote is printed on cotton substrate, has a horizontal format and is the first Mexican banknote in which three characters appear: two women and a man, with a large vignette printed in offset, instead of intaglio, to take advantage of the banknote’s printing space. Its predominant color is gray.
The obverse represents the historical process of the Revolution in Mexico with President Francisco I. Madero, Hermila Galindo and Carmen Serdán, promoters of the revolutionary ideals of democracy, equality and justice.
The efigies of the characters are accompanied by an image of a locomotive, the main means of transportation for the revolutionaries.
The reverse alludes to the ecosystem of humid forests with the jaguar and the ceiba and sapote trees, in the Ancient Mayan City and protected tropical forests of Calakmul in Campeche, recognized by UNESCO as natural and cultural heritage of humanity.
The banknote has the following unique security features: Rapid® thread containing the numeral with movement and pulse effect and also the numeral printed with Sparklive®, which combines denominative and security features.
It also has other security features that are common with other G series: intaglio printing, crescent folio, infrared and fluorescent absorbing features and Multicode® thread.
The security features of the G-series were improved over the previous F-series, and state-of-the-art features were incorporated to make the banknotes easier to use for their main users: the public (including the visually impaired), commercial banks massive users of cash, manufacturers of processors and vending machines, and the Central Bank.

Awards | Currency Awards 2022


Best New Banknote or Banknote Series


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