New Reports in E-Library: November 9

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We have 3 (three) new and interesting reports just added to the E-library.

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1) New Zealand’s Payment Landscape Overview: (in Central Bank Reports Folder)

A speech delivered to Payments NZ’s: The Point 2022 Conference in Auckland on 9 November 2022 by Karen Silk, Assistant Governor and General Manager for Economics, Financial Markets :  A Regulator’s view of the changing payments landscape in New Zealand and potential responses to it.

The Deputy Governor discusses the challenges they see impacting New Zealanders’ ability to benefit from reliable and efficient money and payment systems supporting innovation and inclusion, and shares some of the work at the Reserve Bank to directly address and support others in overcoming these challenges.

2) US Coin Circulation:  The Path Forward: (In Central Bank Reports Folder)

This is an excellent report that covers the SEEMINGLY UBIQUITOUS ISSUE WORLDWIDE OF COIN SHORTAGE.   The report covers the challenges and weakness in the system that has contributed to the shortage and provides a solution roadmap toward a more transparent, resilient, and efficient future coin ecosystem. 

Perhaps some of the US learnings and planning could be of benefit to you and your country’s system.

3) FDIC (USA) Reports Decline in US Unbanked Population: (In Other Articles/Reports Folder)

Read about the FDIC’s survey on this topic and the fascinating key findings that bring critical insights into unbanked population.

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