Pura Barutama

Address: Jalan AKBP Agil Kusumadya 203
City: Kudus
ZIP Code: 59346
State/County: Jawa Tengah
Country: Indonesia


Pura Barutama is recognized as the largest integrated banknote manufacturer in Southeast Asia with the most patents in Indonesia. Pura Barutama offers one stop solution for every variety of customized banknotes with personalized security banknote paper and security thread for customer requirements.

Pura Barutama with a long reputation since 1908 with the philosophy of producing special innovative products also provides security products such as banknotes, security papers, security threads, security foils, passports, ID cards, and holograms among various companies and governments throughout the country and around the world.

Pura Barutama accommodates 15,000 people and produces an extensive range of products to support people’s activities in the personal, professional, and industrial scope with the innovative and reliable products to enhance our modern life.

For further informations please visit our website www.puragroup .com or contact andreas_tp@kudus.puragroup.com