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City: Fuerth
ZIP Code: 90763
Country: Germany


KURZ – Experienced in Producing Security Features for Banknotes since 1988

KURZ Banknote Technology protects and visually enhances billions of banknotes around the world. Security features by KURZ, including KINEGRAM® foils for banknotes and other solutions, are deployed on a multitude of currencies.

Unlike a hologram on a banknote, a KINEGRAM® is a unique and extremely secure device showing highly precise and specifically engineered security effects. It is also proprietary and strictly confidential, being used exclusively for the protection of banknotes and important government documents.

KURZ has pioneered the highly secure protection of banknotes by surface-applied features. Up to this day, our solutions helped safeguard over 300 denominations in more than 80 countries. We are especially proud of our banknote references in Asia and Africa, where the demand for sophisticated and easy-to-use security features is growing significantly.