Dahlia D. Luna

Senior Assistant Governor Head of the Currency Management Sector

Assistant Governor (AG) Dahlia D. Luna, is the Head of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Security Plant Complex (BSP- SPC) that is responsible for the production of the Philippine banknotes, circulation coins, judicial forms and other security documents, commemorative coins/medals and designated as the exclusive manufacturer of Presidential medals and decorations. The SPC also maintains gold refinery responsible for the production of good delivery gold bars to increase the Philippine’s gold reserves.

Under AG Luna’s leadership, the SPC was able to supply more than 100% of banknotes and coins requirement thus helping the economy for the past years to boost its cash investment activities. She was one of the proponents of the BSP- SPC 10 Year Strategic Plan that resulted to the expansion of the Banknotes and Securities Printing Department of the BSP therefore doubling their production capacity from 2 billion pieces to 4 billion pieces of notes every year. To accommodate the said additional production lines, AG Luna proposed and implemented the construction of the BSP New Mint Plant, the production plant exclusive for circulation coins and special projects that is able to produce 3 billion pieces of coins per year. Furthermore, AG Luna implemented pertinent process improvements and streamlining measures that led to the automation and enhancement of current system and BSP SPC products.

AG Luna has postgraduate degrees on Public Administration and Environmental Management. She served as the Managing Director of the BSP for facilities and engineering management and was a Regional Zone Manager at the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) before her stint in the BSP. She performed oversight function on one of the three regional zones in the Philippines to enforce environmental management policies in the ecozone areas in accordance with PEZA and the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR).