Give Us Your Feedback:  Minimizing Environmental Impact in Banknote Manufacturing

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Forum Discussion | 0 comments

Central banks have an opportunity to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and other environmental impacts through their currency strategy. This could be achieved by insisting their suppliers provide a carbon footprint analysis of their processes and a calculation of GHG emissions conducted by independent external experts in accordance with relevant standards.

One option may be for central banks to include such requirements in their tenders, where transparency on carbon emissions is recognised and rewarded. This policy could also be applied to state owned printers.

It is believed such polices will become inevitable as pressures to reduce carbon emissions becomes more intense. It would be interesting to know how central banks’ rate themselves on this subject.  Has your Central Bank started including such requirements?  Or are you considering this idea?  What are the pros and cons?  

Feedback/comments from our central bank members is appreciated.  Or what questions do you have about this issue/idea?

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