Finalists Announced for the 2023 Excellence in Currency Awards

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We are happy to announce the FINALISTS for our 2023 Excellence in Currency Awards.  All the nominations were outstanding and we thank all the nominees for their time and interest to participate in our Awards program. 

The finalists for our four (4) categories are as follows:

Best New Banknote or Banknote Series:

  • Banco Central de Costa Rica, 10,000 and 1000 Colón Banknotes
  • Banco de México, 50 Peso Banknote
  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, 1000 Piso Banknote
  • Bank Indonesia, 2022 Rupiah Banknote Series
  • Central Bank of Bahamas, New CRISP Evolution Series $100 Banknote

Best New Coin or Coin Series:

  • GH₵1 Circulating Coin, Bank of Ghana and The Royal Mint
  • 5 Dollar Coin, Central Bank of Liberia and The Royal Mint
  • $2 Circulation Coin in Memory of Queen Elizabeth, Royal Canadian Mint
  • 50p His Majesty King Charles III Coin, The Royal Mint

Best New Currency Public Engagement Program:

  • 1000-Piso Polymer Banknote Public Engagement Program, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas:
  • Standing Secure: 2022 Polymer Banknote Series, Central Bank of Barbados
  • Commemorative Circulation $1 Coin Program Celebrating Oscar Peterson, Royal Canadian Mint 

Best New Environmental Sustainability Program for Currency

  • Green Banknote, G+D
  • New Green PVD Coating Technology for Intaglio Printing Plates, INORCOAT & Bank Al-Maghrib – Dar As-Sikkah
  • Zero Waste to Landfill & Energy Reduction Program, CCL Secure

Our IACA voting delegates will be voting for their favorite in each category to determine our winners.  All finalists will be recognized and the Winners announced at the Currency  Conference in Mexico City, May 15 & 16. 

Congratulations to our Finalists—and best of luck as our members now vote for the winners.

Special Thanks to our judging commitee:

-Michael Lambert, former Director of Banknotes, Federal Reserve Board

-Brian Lang, VP of IACA and former Head of Currency, RBNZ

-Bernadette O’Brien, Senior Banknote Production Expert

-Ton Roos, Former Director of Banknotes, ECB

David Tidmarsh, Director of Reconnaissance

-Richard Wall, IACA Chair; former MD of Currency, Bank of Canada

-Lydia Yip, Advisor to Central Banks, former Head of Currency, HKMA