Project Owner:  CCL Secure

In 2018 CCL Secure introduced VIVID, a range of new security inks that enabled fluorescence and IR readability to be integrated directly into polymer substrate for the first time. In 2020 CCL Secure took another step forward by introducing VIVID COLOUR. VIVID COLOUR is window vignette that appears white under day light but under UV light illuminates with bright vibrant colours too transform the white vignette into a full colour image. the key benefits of VIVID COLOUR are:

  • VIVID COLOUR is integrated into the window design during the GUARDIAN production. The complex window vignette is viewable under normal lighting conditions but becomes a bright vibrant full colour image under UV lighting.
  • Under UV light VIVID COLOUR illuminates with bright vibrant colours adding another level of security to window vignettes.
  • VIVID COLOUR is engaging to the public and embeds another level of security in your banknote.

VIVID COLOUR was one of two world first baknote features to be present on the Banque du Liban 100,000 livres banknote celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of the State of Lebanon on September 1, 1920.

On the Lebanese banknote a cedar tree can be seen in the window as a white vignette. This transforms to a full colour image under UV light.

Awards | Currency Awards 2022


Best New Innovation (Banknotes or Coin)


Finalist | Nominee