Visual PressSupport

Project Owner: Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions

At Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions, we are always looking for new ways to best support our customers, even more so during situations like the current pandemic. To allow for fast reaction time in case of troubleshooting despite travel restrictions, our company launched Visual PressSupport, a bidirectional video link which significantly improves the efficiency of communication between the customer technicians and our remote maintenance hotline, and expands the options available for solution finding.

Visual PressSupport is based on SightCall© which is a SaaS platform deployed in SOC2/ISO data centers in Europe. SightCall© ensures protection of user data and overall security and integrity of the cloud platform. All communications, including media and signalisation is secured through an encrypted tunnel. Furthermore, SightCall© protects the client software which is installed by the user to enable video communication by digitally signing it to prevent tampering and code injection.

Visual PressSupport lends the remote maintenance engineer a significantly wider “field of vision”: He/She sees exactly what the operator or service technician at the press can see, and can now observe relevant press functions and processes as moving images. This broader view of the overall situation further accelerates identification of the necessary solution. Problems can be identified in one or two days, whereas in the past this could have taken two to three weeks of email exchanges and phone calls. It is also a very cost efficient tool as problems can be solved without having to send technicians to the customer site. Administrative work to obtain visa for example as well as traveling costs are thus eliminated.

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Awards | Special Covid Response Award- 2021


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