The RollingStar® LEAD foil and RollingStar®

Product Owner: Louisenthal

The RollingStar® LEAD foil and RollingStar® Registered thread open a new dimension for foil elements and security threads, both utilizing the proven micro-mirror technology.  RollingStar® LEAD provides more space for design and colour. With its striking, animated stripe, its focus is on optimal design freedom for strong visual appeal and easy authentication, and 3D depth effect. The ColourShift variation is enhanced by full colour spectrum foil dynamic movements (running effect, rotating effect and diffuse pumping) in the individual design elements. It offers excellent visibility even under poor light conditions.

The RollingStar® Registered thread supports the integration of communicating features, in consistently uniform layout, which assists in fast and reliable authentication. The RollingBar moves in harmony with ocean waves when tilted. The versatility of the applied micro-mirror and colourshift technology enables perfect integration of dynamics and colour to the overall design theme.

Awards | Currency Awards 2017


Best House Note


Finalist | Winner