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Komori Corporation

Date the House Note was released


Project Team

Partners involved in the project and special thanks must go to Jura JSP for the design and features incorporated in the note such as ICS and SPAS. Sicpa SA for the IR and Magnetic security inks, NEOMAG and SICPATALK together with all the offset and Intaglio inks and Landqart AG for the supply of the Security substrate, Durasafe. The note was printed at the new Komori Graphic Centre Security (KGC-S) in our Tsukuba factory in Japan, using the latest offset, intaglio and numbering/varnishing and digital equipment.

Project Description

The project was launched by Komori in July 2021 to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary which would be celebrated in October 2023.
As a printing press manufacturer, Komori wanted to create and produce a house note that embraced the concept of security print technology. Concentrating on the printed elements of a banknote, the concept ’Power to the Print’ was born.
The concept was inspired by the John Lennon song ’Power to the People’ giving the people freedom of choice and promoting the use of banknotes worldwide.
The printing process is the very foundation of a banknote and this project illustrates the beauty, security and versatility of the printing processes available today.

I understand that I will be required to provide displays of the note (according to IACA’s specs ) for voting at the Banknote Conference

Design Theme

The legendary Phoenix is said to live forever by burning and regenerating itself with fire once every 100 years. The Phoenix symbolises Komori’s rejuvination in its centenary year. The design also pays tribute to one of Hokusai’s representative art works called Aka Fuji (Red Fuji) which expresses Komori’s challenges.
Hokusai was born in the vicinity of the Sumida area of Tokyo where Komori’s headquarters is located. He continuously challenged his art and established a revolutionary new genre of third landscape art work. Hokusai broke form tradition by daring to adopt red based colours which was considered very bold at the time.
The Komori Tsukba Plant is a symbol of Komori’s commitment to quality and trust. The two Phoenixes surrounded by cherry blossoms highlight Komori’s rejuvination. The Phoenix represents our 100 years of tradition and are printed using the offset process. The Origami Phoenixes and serial number reflect the continuous innovation of digital security printing, a new innovative banknote security process.

Integration of Security Features

There are some unique features, never before seen on a banknote such as digital printing technologies. On the backside of the note, Komori have used a digital press to produce the serial number. The modulated serial number is printed using unique wave shapes. The origami Phoenixes are also printed this way and linked with the serial number. Using digital technology means that each origami Phoenix has a different design making every single banknote produced unique.
On the front of the note, the Phoenix glows red and yellow under UV light along with the clouds and snow at the top of Mount Fuji which glow blue.
On the reverse of the note, the cherry blossoms glow red and the Komori Tsukuba Plant along withthe guilloche patterns and other designs glow blue.
SICPATALK is an enhanced IR machine readable solution dedicated to cash automation needs. This IR absorbing security feature is incorporated into the note.
NEOMAG uses IR transparent magnetic pigments which are light in colour. The use of conventional magnetic materials fails to reproduce the visual and IR properties intrinsic to the clean coloured NEOMAG.
SPAS is a special feature that hides information directly into the design and can be authenticated using a smartphone. There is a Digital Invisible Screen and an Offset Invisible Screeen that can be identified using a specific smartphone application. Also special lenses can be used to reveal hidden images embedded in the not, which are invisible to the naked eye.

Other Aspects

The Digital numbering and the link to other features such as the Origami Phoenixes is unique. The Digital Serial Number, Modulated Design Serial Number and the Phoenixes combine to hold a host of digital security hidden features making every single banknote unique. The Origami Phoenixes morph and change their position and design with every banknote. This could be a revolutionary breakthrough in banknote printing. It gives the customer a new complex flexability of design assuring digital securty and authenticity.

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