Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan: Nu.5 and Nu.10 Coins

Organization Name:  Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

The RMAB has initiated to launch the Nu.5 & Nu.10 coins mainly:
-To Commemorate the 40th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo.
-The Coins (at the reverse) has a microtext “In Commemoration of the 40 th Birth Anniversary of the Dragon king.
-The development of coinage system on the historic event of the Nation.

On the obverse side of both the coins, the feature in microtext in commemoration of the 40th birth anniversary of king is the first of its kind on the coin.
The portraits of king with the crown on the new generation coins of Nation.
The eight lucky signs on the reverse side with clean and deep meaning that every individual wishes to use.

The launch of these coins are very special and it is commemorated on the birth anniversary of the king where every Bhutanese can show a respect or tribute to the king.
As a circulating coins, the new features added will enhance the security of coinage system in Bhutan and the sign of development for the country.




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