Oman 50 Rial- varifeye CC Patch

Product Owner: Louisenthal and G+D

Description of new feature or product

The 50 Rial is the highest denomination. It was chosen for the new feature because Central Bank of Oman demands optimal features.
In the Oman 50 Rial example, the Gold patch on the front of the note depicts the Central Bank of Oman. On the reverse, in reflection, the same is depicted in a smaller window size. However, in transmission the Gold image turns bright blue.

Front To Back (FTB) verification is a strong security trend found varifeye® ColourChange Patch. Featuring micro-mirror and optimal hologram technology. The optically variable feature is the main new security element for varifeye®ColourChange effects. This was first promoted on the new Iceberg feature note which was launched at the Banknote Conference, Dallas, Texas 2018.

The note also features RollingStar Crocodile feature security thread which changes colour from gold to green, and Spark live Truespin which has same effect when the note is tilted.

• Clever and unique maximum of design integration enables key features to be easily remembered by the public. Independent Patch-shape and window shape supports a surprising experience.
• Front to back integration with only one foil Patch increases the secure aspect of this integration, which is linked by means of an individual window. Additionally the window changes the colour when the note is held against the light from Gold to Blue.
• Brilliant domed, dynamic and depp effects created by intensive luminous micro mirror- and high end hologram-technology from G+D Currency Technology.
• The FTB window with the varifeye®ColurChange Patche is a unbeatable challenge for counterfeiters.

Issuer and Denominations

First issued on Oman 50 Rial in June 2019, to mark 40th National Day.
On the obverse of the note is a portrait of His Majesty
Sultan Qaboos bin Said, a facsimile signature of His Majesty, the
national emblem, the khanjar, the words ‘Central Bank of Oman’
in Arabic, with the serial numbers to right and left, flanked by
the denomination in Arabic. Recognition features for the blind
are placed in the bottom right hand corner to the right, four bars
for the 50 rial.

Date of Issue or Release

The note was released on 1 June 2019.
The official Patch release on the Market was 05_2018 at Banknote Conference Dallas/Texas.

Countr(ies) where implemented

Oman (in circulation).


varifeye ColourChange® Patch brings everything together: colour, gloss, glittering, bright micro mirrors and other aesthetic effects. An impressive work of art – which is also equipped with the unique “front-to-back” security technology from Louisenthal. Thanks to the technology from varifeye ColourChange, the foil motif (“patch”) on the window changes its color from gold to blue in transmission. The effect is easily recognizable, enables the authenticity of the banknote to be checked with the naked eye and is extremely difficult to counterfeit. Both the patch and the window shape, which can be seen on the back of the banknote and in transmitted light, can be individually designed. The patch offers a maximum of design freedom. Not only shape and effects are freely selectable, the patch placement on the banknote can also be selected individually. varifeye ColourChange Patch supports and carries your banknote design in a convincing way.

Improved security

Although it has only been on issue since 2019, the technology is very sophisticated, involving micro-mirror and windows and specific colour-change effect in a very controlled area. We expect it to be amongst the most secure feature available.

Feedback from Stakeholders, Including the General Public

Customer and industry recognise its uniqueness and attractiveness.

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Awards | Technical Awards 2020


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