Oberthur: BIOGUARD, a triple protection and an anti-virus protection solution

Project Owner:  Oberthur Fiduciaire

BIOGUARD is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungus treatment. It has been proven effective on millions of bills in circulation. With the arrival of the pandemic, our R&D teams have carried out extensive research to add anti-virus properties to the BIOGUARD formulation. The first version of this new solution launched as early as March 2020 is already effective against viruses.
Oberthur Fiduciaire has developed an exclusive, safe, effective & easy to implement anti-viral treatment to counter coronaviruses on the surface of banknotes.
Harmless to humans, long-lasting and easy to implement, BIOGUARD is a solution adapted to a strategy PREVENTING the risks of contamination and MAINTAINING public health.

Bioguard is the only tested and efficient solution against SARS-COV2 available on the market today.

The results against SARS-COV2 showed that our solution offers a significant anti-viral protection.
The reduction of the viral load of 99.95% is observed on BIOGUARD paper and of 99.00% with BIOGUARD varnishing, when the reference untreated note only reaches 49.90%.

BIOGUARD offers a global solution that allows the integration of the fights against microscopic dirt to a ‘clean banknote’ policy. BIOGUARD contributes to public health safekeeping by preventing the risks of contamination and propagation of diseases due to contaminated banknotes.
BIOGUARD is efficient against the most frequent pathogenic bacteria usually present on banknotes. It reduces the risk of transmission of disease which mode of transmission is contact such as plague, cholera, H1N1 as well as COVID-19. It will clearly continue to be used after the pandemic.

We have been working with leading French and international laboratories, using standardized procedures with detailed protocols in the field of pathogen testing to guarantee that our lab test results are credible and robust.
Under ISA 21702-2019 and ASTM E 1053-97 test conditions, the concentration is diminished between 100 and 1,000 times compared to untreated surfaces.
The BIOGUARD anti-viral activity was assessed against SARS-COV2 (COVID-19° and seasonal coronaviruses such as OC43 and Hcov-229 E.

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