NotaTracc Logisitcs Solution

Project Owner: Giesecke + Devrient 


The NotaTracc® solution proficiently improves the handling of banknotes throughout the cash cycle. It complements the eminent performance of G+D high-speed processing systems.
The system includes the NotaTracc® T trays (NTT) and the NotaTracc® L loading module (NTL).
N otaTracc® Trays create the link from banknote processing to the cash center intra-logistics. It can be used for transport and storage of banknotes in cash centers, and can also serve as banknote container for exchange of cash between partners in the cash cycle (e.g. CiT or commercial bank and a central bank cash center) as well. Different to other containers it allows for automated banknote handling.
The automation part of NotaTracc® is the loading module NTL for BPS® M3, M5 and BPS® M7, supporting continuous automated feeding for maximum productivity, efficiency and usability (operator ergonomics).

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Austria 2 customers (testimonials available):
GeldService Austria
LOOMIS Austria

Geldservice Austria (GSA) introduced the NotaTracc® Solution in a phased approach.
The first phase started in 2016 with the NotaTracc® loading module for automated loading of banknotes into BPS® M7 systems and preparation of cash into the NotaTracc® trays at GSA.

Consequently, GSA started working with LOOMIS AUSTRIA, if and how the NotaTracc® Tray could be utilized. Since May 2018 LOOMIS has been directly delivering its deposits to GSA in sealed NotaTracc® trays, replacing the bundles of banknotes they previously put together and shipped.
After being counted at LOOMIS the banknotes are put into NotaTracc® trays as loose notes in mixed denominations (not sorted by denomination). The trays are closed with a lid, secured with a seal and stacked on a pallet for shipping. An armored truck transports the pallets to GSA.


Security is paramount. Banknotes are not touched anymore.

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Best Banknote Processing Innovation