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Increased Efficiency, Safety or Environmental Protection

The new COIN INSPECT system of Mühlbauer convinces with its superior performance, the high flexibility in configurations and the state-of-the-art vision technology. With 3,000 coins inspected per minute, the Mühlbauer system has a 20% higher throughput than the competition. The high flexibility in configuration allows for an inspection of blank, minted and used coins in only one system, which is currently unique on the market. Its modular concept also gives the possibility to exactly configure the inspection machine for specific applications. Based on field proven technology COIN INSPECT uses state-of-the-art methods and hardware to offer the highest inspection performance available on the market. The new coin measurement for diameter and thickness performed in one image at full production speed achieves a precision of few microns. This is absolutely unique.

Notably Improved Quality of a Product or Process

The COIN INSPECT is equipped with the latest software and at the same time the system shows a low process complexity. COIN INSPECT can be equipped with the following inspection units:
• Inspection of blanks (surface defects, color defects, rim defects)
• Inspection of coinage (Miss striking, die cracks, wrong coinage intensity, rim defects)
• Color inspection for minted coins (stains, dirt, corrosion, etc.)
• Inspection of Coin Edge and Coinage
• Determination of Diameter and Thickness


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