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MOTION SURFACE™ is a new micro-optics feature built on the technology behind MOTION®. With more pixels per area than is used by even the most advanced smartphone, MOTION SURFACE can produce stunning three-dimensional effects providing quick assurance to everyone that the banknote is authentic and valuable. Three-dimensional effects with high resolution give an impression of floating images that have the power to surprise and delight, and give life to symbols and objects that can appear to come right out of the banknote. MOTION SURFACE provides designers with an entirely new and flexible collection of visual effects to build an identity aimed at maximum public recognition. MOTION SURFACE is a big leap in security technology for the banknote industry. Engaging three dimensional effects will open up completely new ways to relay cultural stories and build public trust.

Issuer and Denominations

National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2000 Som Commemorative

Date of Issue or Release

November 17, 2017


Counterfeiters rely heavily on a public that is not interested in looking at their banknotes. They use distractions such as poor lighting and loud sounds and target busy and inattentive sales people. They understand that the public is
sparing in the attention it pays to checking its banknotes. This is our industry challenge – to create banknotes that can be authenticated quickly and definitively, even by an uninterested public.

MOTION SURFACE is based on complex technology and yet Crane Currency Research & Development has made it simple to understand. Moving objects are a very powerful design element compared to flat images – and MOTION SURFACE causes people to turn their heads. Having the public intrigued by the very banknote itself increases its value and security.

Differentiation of new feature, product, or innovation from existing ones

MOTION SURFACE is a new micro-optics security feature applied in the printing works. Crane Currency’s other micro-optics based features, MOTION® and RAPID®, are windowed threads integrated during the papermaking process. It is applied as stripe in a width determined by the requirements of the central bank. The feature produces stunning three-dimensional effects that engage the public and deter counterfeiting.

Improved security

MOTION SURFACE discourages counterfeiting in two ways. First, it counters distraction by providing the public with an easily verifiable element that is an integral part of the banknote’s identity. MOTION SURFACE images are not two-dimensional – they have depth, a past and a personality that can tell a story in a glance. MOTION SURFACE provides designers with an entirely new and flexible collection of visual effects to build an identity aimed at maximum public recognition. Second, the technological foundation provides no easy starting point for the potential counterfeiter. Unlike holograms, the miniature lenses and ultra-micro printing used to produce MOTION SURFACE have no counterparts in other industries.

The engineered raw materials and production equipment we use to produce our micro-optic features do not exist elsewhere. This means that a would-be counterfeiter has no starting point, no commercial materials available to simulate the feature credibly.

Important Improvement

MOTION SURFACE offers a variety of three-dimensional visual effects:
• Topo (topographic) effect on the 2000 Som banknote shows a “water droplet” that seems to rest on the surface of the banknote – the patterns beneath it change size and acceleration when tilted.
• Deep effect shows text that appears to be below the surface of the banknote.
• Shimmer effect provides fluid movement inside the birds and the pulsing rays of the sun.
• Flicker – a highly controlled switch between “on and off”. Allows highly detailed imagery such as engraved portraits.


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