Malawi 5000 Kwacha

Product Owner: Central Bank of Malawi

Project Description

The 5000 Kwacha was introduced to meet the changing economic landscape and to meet the needs for increased security for higher denominations. It is a secure feature-packed banknote, composing the Micromirror LEAD foil™, advanced Galaxy ™ security thread, and SPARK live™.

The existing Malawi 2000 kwacha banknote (previously the highest denomination), was introduced in December 2016 to attend to the increasingly demanding cash cycle needs. The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) currency management policy requires that the highest value denomination should not account for more than 60 percent of the total value of the currency in circulation, so the Bank further took a second step and issued a new highly secure, high denomination 5000 Kwacha in 2022.

It is a highly secure banknote. The LEAD foil is a bright, dynamic vertical stripe with a combination of vibrant dynamics and tones. Featuring an animated sun, the true colour portrait, denomination value, a 3-dimensional fish from Lake Malawi with depth background, “Reserve Bank of Malawi” and RBM logo. This foil is very distinguishable demonstrating rainbow effects when the note is tilted. To the right of the note is the SPARK Live optically variable ink, in the form of a fish with similar dynamics to the thread on the back of the note.

The Galaxy Security Thread is on the back of the note, and further lifts security and attractiveness, and provides quick visual authentication. Galaxy threads feature dynamic and 3D effects based on micro-mirror technology. Moreover, they are equipped with ColourShift™.

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