Nominating Organziation Name and role, if any, in the Project:

Landqart AG

Date the House Note was released


Project Team

Andreas Iten Design – concept and design
Kurz – Laminating Foil
Landqart AG – concept and substrate
Orell Fussli – origination and print
Sicpa – inks, including SPARK feature

Project Description

Housenotes have a long tradition in the banknote industry, acting as a way to mark an occasion and to show off the latest technologies and features to best effect, and not often in the most mainstream of ways – they are the perfect medium with which to push the boundaries. To mark our 150th anniversary, we obviously had to push the limits of what can be achieved with the substrate (Durasafe, what else?), showcase our history and future, and demonstrate how close collaboration between partner companies can achieve something out of the ordinary.
Highlights of the note are the contrast between the two faces of the note, one showing the history of the company with a very traditional look, and the other with a very modern, vertical approach with strong, bold colours. We incorporated the foil inside the substrate, so it’s protected by the polymer layer, but at a diagonal angle across the note. We applied the SPARK ink on the large, see-through window, one of the largest ever seen on a banknote with a paper surface. The finishing touch is a full-sheet intaglio print with the names of all the staff at the company in the anniversary year, past and present directors, ensuring that no two notes on the sheet are identical. Counterintuitive, but a perfect way for staff to fully relate to the note.

Design Theme

On the historic side, the design shows the history of the company. From views of the site as it was more than a century ago, vignettes of people working in the papermill at the time, the progression of logos over the years, to a border that pays homage to the first series of Swiss Franc banknotes to be printed on Landart cylinder mould made paper.
On the current and future side, which is in a vertical orientation, the design references the multi-layer structure of Durasafe, and the machine created to make the substrate.
Throughtout the note reference is made to water, one of the most important igredients in papermaking and to the Rhine river from which we source ours, to the mountains that surround the site and have formed our corporate and national characters.

Integration of Security Features

The note is the first to incorporate watermarks on each side of the note. On one side there is a depiction of a colleague loading one of the grinders (which is still in the entrance of the building) and the date of foundation using our Signum pixellated watermark feature. The other paper layer has a watermark depicting the texture and path of the river from which we get our water.
The see-through window is shaped to echo the path and waves of the river, and for the first time ever has Sicpa’s SPARK Live (Sandune Drops effect) feature printed directly on the window, visible from both sides of the note.
We have applied the Kinegram Cosmic stripe from Kurz inside the substrate, and registered to the half window to show it to its best effect. In another first, the stripe is applied on the diagonal across the sheet, an approach which invites inspection and dialogue from all who see the note.
We have made full use of Intaglio printing on both sides of the note. On the Historic side of the note to show the traditional Intaglio borders, and on the Modern side to show the names of current and past colleagues in microtext. This makes use of a single plate over the whole sheet, rather than the traditional step and repeat approach.

House note Image

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