Komori Currency NV32 Combination Multiprocess Numbering & Varnishing Press

Product Owner: Komori Corporation


Komori Currency NV32 Combination Multiprocess Numbering and Varnishing Press – designed to overprint and also number and varnish banknotes and security documents on one or both sides of the sheet in one pass through the press.

The Modular Equipment Design (MED) design concept of the NV32 enables banknote printers to specify a configuration to match their individual specifications, thereby broadening the scope of banknote design and security features. A typical example would be: two different varnishes on the front side and one varnish on the reverse side after numbering.

Issuer and Denominations

We can confirm that the first Currency NV32 has been installed and commissioned and is now running several international currency denominations, but at the present time the location and denominations need to remain confidential.

A further NV32 will be installed during the summer of 2018 and since its launch Komori is receiving many enquiries from banknote printers throughout the world for this press.

Date of Issue or Release

The NV32 was launched at the Komori Currency Solutions Event in Japan in November 2016.


The Currency NV32 utilises Komori’s unique and proven double diameter cylinder configuration to enable single pass overprinting of numbering and varnishing to be executed in a single pass through the press without the need to use chain systems to transfer the sheet between units.

Sheets are transported directly from unit-to-unit by heavy duty, highly durable diamond tipped gripper systems, capable of handling an extensive range of stocks, including paper, cotton, hybrid and polymers.

Being of large size, the double diameter cylinders ensure that the sheets stay stress-free, virtually eliminating any possibility of stretch, scratching or marking and enabling precision, non-stop production at up to 12,000 sheets an hour.

Differentiation of new feature, product, or innovation from existing ones

There is no requirement for chains to transfer the sheet, as there would be with satellite style systems. Therefore, as the sheets pass through the press for numbering and varnishing, all elements of register – front to back, number-to-number and varnishing coatings whether they be overall or spot – are exceptionally accurate.

Accompanied benefits are reduced floorspace, reduction in labour requirements, floor level operation and short make-ready.

Make-ready for the overprinting unit, numbering unit and varnishing unit, the unit clutch system and individual drive motors, numbering box and overprinting plate can all be undertaken at the same time, and the varnishing plates are all changed simultaneously. Make-ready times can, therefore, be expected to be half those used on alternative systems.

Improved security

The excellent registration capabilities, the sheet transfer technology and the variety of configurations possible, open the opportunity for new sophisticated security and anti-counterfeiting features to be incorporated.

As front-to-back and unit-to-unit registers are maintained and tight register is ensured throughout, numbering and varnishing can be included in designs which are most unlikely to be replicated without the use of a Currency NV32 press.

Consistent spot varnishing can be used and the overprint unit can apply an invisible image on the sheet by using a photopolymer plate. In-line inspection camera system ensures that even the most minute defects are identified and rejected, as the press has a delivery pile dedicated to automatically accept rejected sheets.

Important Improvement

With the introduction of the Currency NV32, the scope of banknote design has increased significantly through the provision of more accurate register combined with more flexibility to overprint, number and apply gloss and matt varnishes in a single pass through the machine.

Additionally, less floor space is required and make-ready is appreciably faster as all make-ready functions can be carried out at the same time.

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